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University Staff

University Staff Titling & Compensation

To learn more about the compensation structure at UW Oshkosh and the title change process, review the information below.
UW System manages the compensation structure for all UW institutions for University Staff positions. General position specifications are provided on the UW System Administration website, which are used by the human resources department when titling and recruiting for new and existing positions at UW Oshkosh. UW Oshkosh must offer wages that remain within the compensation ranges provided by UW System for existing University Staff employees and also for replacement employees. To review all position specifications and compensation ranges for University Staff positions, click here.
Title Change Requests

UW Oshkosh allows University Staff to request a comprehensive review of a position to ensure the appropriate title is assigned and truly reflects the duties based on the specifications provided by UW System Administration. A Titling Committee was formed within the Human Resources department in order to review each request made and to come to a decision regarding the assigned title.

Title Change Appeal Process

Title Appeal Committee Procedures

  1. Upon receipt of the title and pay range notice from Human Resources, the Department/Division and/or employee may file an appeal to the Title Appeal Committee. The written request must include rationale for the appeal request, including any relevant policy or title specifications to support the appellant’s position.
  2. The appeal must be filed within 21 calendar days of the receipt of the title notification and must be submitted directly to the AVC of Human Resources.
  3. The Title Appeal Committee will review, and to the extent possible, make a final determination and provide notification within 21 days of receipt of the appeal. The Title Appeal Committee decision is final.   


Title Appeal Committee

The Title Appeal Committee will include the Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, Director of Equity and Affirmative Action, and the Associate Vice Chancellor of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Below are the considerations of the committee members when considering a title appeal request:

  • Recommendations either for or against the title should be based solely upon evidence of an error in the classification determination in accordance with the classification specifications.
  • Title appeal requests, which result in a finding that the position description reviewed was inaccurate, will be denied and the department/division or employee may resubmit a title review with an accurate position description.
  • A committee member unable to remain objective for any reason shall recuse himself or herself from the process.
  • Committee members are required to recuse themselves in title appeal cases initiated from their home department.
  • A written notification of the panel’s determination shall include reasons for the determination to the appellant.

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