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Title & Total Compensation 

The Title and Total Compensation (TTC) Study is a comprehensive effort designed to develop a new classification and compensation structure. The goal of this project is to modernize the current title and compensation programs, which will allow the UW institutions to continue to attract and retain the best talent. The study involves reviewing the functions of more than 30,000 employees across the UW system, conducting a market analysis of total compensation, and developing core job titles and compensation structures.

The objectives of the study include: 
  • Develop clearer and more competitive job title and compensation structures
  • Ensure job titles accurately reflect duties and responsibilities
  • Provide sustainable methods to maintain market-informed title and compensation structures
  • Build in career progression where it makes sense
  • Include job titles and compensation structures for academic, university, and limited staff
  • Review compensation for graduate students
  • Enhance recruitment and retention
The study is expected to take 18 months to 2 years minimum.
UWO Title and Total Compensation Study Project Team
Project Chair – Shawna Kuether, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor – UWO Project Lead for SMEs and Operations,
CHRO, UWO Project Lead for Strategy and Communications

Subject Matter Experts

Jo Fenrich, HR SME in Titling and Compensation – Phase 2 and 3 Project Teams
Brenda Rens, HR SME in Benefits/Work-Life and Leave Structures – Phase 3 and 4 Project Teams
Shannon Lemke, HR SME in Titling – Phase 2 Project Team
Sabrina Johnson, Provost Office SME in Compensation – Phase 3 Project Team
Katelyn Fenner, HR SME in Benefits – Phase 4 Project Team 
Jodi Anthony, HR SME in Benefits/Work-Life and Leave Structures – Phase 4 Project Team

University Staff Membership
Julia Hodgen – Phase 2, 3, and 4 Project Teams
Evelyn Meuret – Phase 3 Project Team
Heidi Frey – Phase 4 Project Team

Academic Staff Membership
Pam MacWilliams – Phase 2, 3, and 4 Project Teams
Liz Bannenberg – Phase 3 Project Team
To Be Determined – Phase 4 Project Team 

Faculty Membership
Lee McCann – Phase 2, 3, and 4 Project Teams
To Be Determined – Phase 4 Project Team

Divisional Membership
Academic Affairs – Sabrina Johnson
Finance and Administration – Doug Salmon
Advancement – Chris Gantner
Information Technology – Laura Knaapen
Student Affairs – 
University Marketing and Communications – Mandy Potts

Project Support and Assistance
Jenna Roovers, Human Resources Project Assistant
Project Phases

Phase 1 – Design Study Strategy
•Review data 
•Develop project plan
•Stakeholder interviews & focus groups
•Compensation philosophy guiding principles
•Preliminary communication and change management strategy

Phase 2 – Assess Positions and Develop New Job Title Structure
   (We are currently in this phase)
Job titling framework
•Map positions to the titling framework
•Create/update job descriptions
•Stakeholder briefings

Phase 3 – Create Compensation Structure
•Analysis of compensation
•Salary structure
•Preliminary cost analysis
•Salary administration guideline
•Stakeholder briefings

Phase 4 – Review Benefits/Work-life and Leave Structures
•Analysis of benefits and work-life and leave structures
•Gap analysis and recommend solutions

Phase 5 – Implement New Structures
•Presentation to stakeholders
•Finalize program based on stakeholder feedback
•Finalize communication and change strategy
•Deliver targeted communications
•Training for ongoing program administration 

*The Title and Total Compensation Project will not impact Faculty for Phases 2 (Titling) and 3 (Compensation) 

For more information & on-going updates on the TTC Study, click here.

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