Teaching During COVID-19

Online Lab Resources and Activities

AfricanFossils.org – Virtual Lab of Fossils from Lake Turkana in East Africa.

BioInteractive – Data-rich activities, case studies, high-quality videos, and interactive media for Biology.

Complete Anatomy – A 3D anatomy platform, refined over 15 years of research of anatomical papers, classic textbooks, and scan data

Inspark – Textbook replacements, labs, lessons, simulations, and projects. Many are open-licensed.

MorphoSource – 3D Skeletal Materials from Duke University – many are open-licensed

Pivot Interactives – interactive videos for physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations


Online Neuroscience Labs

Visible Body – Virtual Anatomy to See Inside the Human Body

Tiny Earth Digital Labs and Activities

JoVE | Peer Reviewed Scientific Video Journal – Methods and Protocols – free access to STEM education video library to aid remote teaching & learning

Lab Flow

Online Labs

EduWeb Labs


MIT Open Course Videos



General Chemistry 1 – OLI

Virtual Labs

MERLOT -A vast collection of OERs maintained by California State University. Online learning and support materials and content creation tools

Merlot Virtual Labs

HPLC Simulations

Labs, Studio, or Fieldwork Courses portion of the Instructional Continuity plan compiled by Notre Dame University and the Science Labs portion of Teaching Remotely by the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University.

What is Connect® Virtual Labs?


LabXchange – Exposes learners to fundamental concepts and lab techniques essential to the field of biotechnology. Developed by Harvard.

Immersive Learning Experiences – Microscopy lab utilizing virtual and augmented reality

ChemCollective – general chemistry courseware (including virtual labs) free for COVID-19 impacted institutions


Teaching Geoscience Online

Resources for Teaching Your Chemistry Class Online: A Free to Read Collection from the American Chemical Society & the ACS Division of Chemical Education

Curriculum Development

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