International Business Emphasis

In order to complete the International Business emphasis, students must take the courses listed below, in addition to the basic requirements, Int. Stds 205 and 402. Students may take as many upper-level elective courses from Course List 2 to complete the major’s credit and discipline distribution requirements.

International Business courses (15 credits):

These courses are required for the International Business emphasis and serve as the 15-credit specialization within International Studies:

  • 36-420 International Finance and Trade
  • 59-308 Revolution and Development
  • 59-341 Multinational Corporations
  • 84-322 International Political Economy
  • 28-375 Global Marketing

Elective courses (15 credits):

In order to complete the major’s 36-credit requirement, students pursuing the International Business emphasis may take 15 credits of elective courses, from Course List 2.

Please note that only up to 9 credits out of the major’s 36 credits may consist of 100 or 200 level courses.

Students must take courses from at least four different disciplines giving credit in the International Studies Program within their major.

Business minor

Students in the International Business emphasis are encouraged to complete a minor in Business Administration (27 credits). Students must check the most recent UW Oshkosh Bulletin for requirements of the Business Minor.

Prerequisite courses

Please note that most of the business classes listed above have course prerequisites and minimum GPA requirements that must be fulfilled before a student is allowed to enroll into a specific class.


Please contact your International Studies advisor to explore your options, maximize the many interrelated majors and minors and ensure that these are completed in time. The earlier you connect with your advisor, the more options you can pursue.