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Model UN Team

An integral part of the UWO Model United Nations team is its members and the strong sense of teamwork and friendship that comes along with working closely with good friends for many years.

The team seeks to not only provide college students with valuable life experiences outside of the classroom and give them hands-on experience in international issues but also builds a strong sense of community and teamwork within its members, which is a vital component to every successful group. Throughout the year, members of the team work together not only in preparation for the regional and national competition, but also take part in several social events sponsored by the team as well as by the University.

The members of our team come from multiple backgrounds and have diverse interests.  Since Model United Nations deals with international issues, many international students participate in the program and bring a unique perspective to the team and its functioning.  Although most Model United Nations programs attract political science and international studies majors, the UW Oshkosh team includes students in various majors, ranging from physics education to journalism and has nearly every academic college represented and is open to students from all majors.

Delegate Preparations

UWO Model UN members work as a team throughout the academic year to prepare for the competitions. Members conduct research and share information on global issues while developing detailed knowledge of the nations they will represent and their policies. This includes: study of diplomatic procedures; disputes and their background; the viewpoints of various nations; parliamentary procedure, the UN and its procedures and actions.

Detailed knowledge of current issues, and particularly an appreciation of the differing viewpoints of the many nations of the world, is essential. Key skills such as public speaking, formal writing and negotiation are developed through group sessions.