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Personal Purchase Support

Software and hardware discounts may be available for university employees and students. Information Technology does not offer technical support or warranties for these purchases.

Available To

Employees, Students

Getting Started

The helpful links section of this article provide links to hardware and software sites to assist with personal purchases.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Discounted prices for personal purchases
  • Office 365 is available to employees and students at no additional cost


Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC) requires a valid UW Oshkosh NetID and campus ID number. You will also have to create a personal account on their site before placing your order.

Hardware vendors typically require a .edu email account to verify educational eligibility.

Helpful Links

WISC Software Link for Students

WISC Software Link for Employees

What Computer Should I Buy – KnolwedgeBase

Software for Personal Employee Purchase – KnowledgeBase

Software Available for Students – KnowledgeBase

Microsoft Office – Office 365 – KnowledgeBase

Getting Started for Students 

Getting Started for Faculty and Staff