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About the Steering Committee

The steering committee is primarily responsible for working with the CIO and IT representatives to resolve problems and manage the advisory process.


Membership shall be staggered two-year terms.

  1. Two voting members appointed by Faculty Senate
    1. John Mayrose
    2. Evan Williams
  2. Two voting members appointed by Senate of Academic Staff
    1. Sarah Bradway
    2. Samantha Surowiec
  3. Two voting members appointed by University Staff Senate
    1. Ricky Johnson
    2. Jessica Kleier
  4. One voting member appointed by Oshkosh Student Association
    1. Vacant
  5. Two voting members appointed by UW Fox Valley
    1. Evelyn Li
    2. Kris Kissling
  6. One voting member appointed by UW Fond du Lac
    1. Rhonda Stucky
  7. Non-voting attendees include the CIO, IT Directors, and IT staff as needed
  8. Chaired by voting member, who will be elected by voting members.
    1. Samantha Surowiec


    • Working meetings with action assignments
    • Gather and inform IT of needs and requests from constituents
    • Provide input on issues, priorities, and conflicting requirements
    • Identify and monitor performance metrics and advise IT on needed improvements
    • Convene and chair advisory committee
    • Disseminate information to the advisory committee
    • Write annual evaluation report on IT performance
    • Hear and address issues of concern brought by individuals
    • Assist in the creation and vetting of Information Technology policies and procedures


    • Meets monthly
    • Agenda called by chair
    • Topics brought by voting members or CIO
    • Common topics include feedback from constituents on issues of concern, advisement on anticipated IT requirements such as policy changes, formative recommendations for needed improvements, review of the investment portfolio, discussion of best practices and implementations

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