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Campus Computer Standards

Supported means that IT staff will install, maintain, and attach this equipment to the campus network. IT is an authorized repair center for both Apple and HP computers. There is no charge for support labor as long as the equipment meets campus standards.

Quotes for all campus computers, printers, and monitors must be provided by IT.

When a computer or printer outside of the campus support standard breaks, it must be replaced not repaired. Quotes can be requested by contacting the Help Desk at (920) 424-3020 or


For new computer purchases:


  • Hardware Specifications

    • Processor (CPU): 4 cores (quad-core) or better
    • Computers with upgradable RAM:  8GB of RAM minimum
    • Computers with non-upgradable RAM (Apple computers):  16GB of RAM minimum
    • Required 256GB Solid State Drive
  • Warranty Specifications

    • Desktops come with a required 4 year warranty
    • Laptops come with a required 3 year warranty
    • Extended warranty and/or accidental damage is an option on most computers
    • All computers purchased must have the ability to be connected via wired ethernet to the campus network.  This may require purchasing additional cables or connectors.
    • Campus IT will only support the native Operating System on a computer
    • Campus IT provides no support for dual-boot machines
    • Campus IT provides limited support for Desktop Virtualization Software
    • Licensing costs will apply for using non-native Operating Systems and Desktop Virtualization software
    • Recommendations for new computer purchases.  To see a list of recommended models, please check the IT website from the links below:

For existing computers:

For existing hardware, all of the following conditions must be met:


Apple Desktop or Laptop

Windows Desktop or Laptop

  • HP provides support and drivers for G1 machines and higher.  IT will support a HP computer that they can provide support and drivers for (current list here).
  • Must be able to be imaged through normal Campus IT procedures
  • For machines older than the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 desktop computers or the HP EliteBook 8xx G1 notebook computers, support will be limited to driver availability.
    • As of February 27, 2018, the HP Elite 8200/8300 desktop computers and HP EliteBook 8560p/8570p notebook computers are the oldest computers able to be imaged
    • IT also recommends the purchase of a Solid State Drive (SSD) for any machine that does not currently have one.

Additional Devices:

Linux OS

  • Campus IT provides support for Linux in the Linux Lab and in the Halsey Teaching Lab
  • IT will assist with installing a Linux operating system on a virtual machine
    • IT will require a license for VMware Workstation (PC) or VMware Fusion (MAC) in order to run a Virtual Machine

Mobile Devices

  • iOS and Android OS devices can be configured to access UW Oshkosh email and WiFi
  • Tech support beyond general troubleshooting and email connection must come from the vendor
  • Devices running Chrome OS are considered mobile devices
    • Campus IT provides the same level of support for Chromebooks and Chrome OS as iOS and Android OS devices


  • Minimum new purchase of 20″ LED
  • HP monitors come with a three (3) year warranty
    • Campus IT will work with the vendor on the user’s behalf
  • Monitors cannot be repaired outside of warranty and must be replaced
  • Recommendations for new monitors


  • All new printers and copiers must be placed on a Managed Print Services contract
  • Existing printers, if possible, will be enrolled in a Managed Print Services contract
    • If the printer cannot be enrolled due to defect, the department will be responsible for repairs prior to device enrollment
    • If the printer cannot be enrolled due to age, it will no longer be supported and must be replaced or removed from service
  • Local printers (devices that are only connected to one computer) will not be supported
    • Exceptions for specialized printers will be reviewed by the CIO under special circumstances.  Example:  color printer in specialized Art Department Lab.
  • Recommendations for new printers
  • Document showing New and Existing printers and their cost