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Project Planning Team

Executive Sponsor: Andrew Leavitt

Project Manager: Mark Clements

Team Members:

Victor Alatorre

Richard Montano

Christian Beck

David Halderman

Dan Petersen

Michelle Loker

Status: 1/9/2019

  • Contracted with Duo.
  • Testing with IT staff on PeopleSoft and Office 365.
  • Planning campus rollout.

Multi-Factor Authentication Project (Duo)

UW Oshkosh is taking on this project as part of our Information Security efforts in coordination with UW System’s Information Security policies. All systems that contain highly sensitive information as defined in UWSA 1031 Information Security: Data Classification and Protection will be protected with Duo.  IT will send announcements to affected users as additional systems are secured.  The project to complete this process is anticipated to be complete by January 2020.

Multi Factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your account by adding “something you have” to authenticate you in addition to your username and password.  The multi-factor resource UW Oshkosh and most of UW System have contracted with is called Duo.

No matter what multi-factor device you use, it should be treated as part of your password.  The device should be handled securely and not shared with others.



  • Testing Duo on IT staff using PeopleSoft and Office 365.
  • Planning for campus rollout.
  • Creating user documentation.


  • Publish documentation.
  • Voluntary adoption by users.
  • Communicate with campus.