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IT Restructuring Recommendations

As recommendations are made, IT will add them to this page in hopes of keeping all three campuses informed. If you have additional questions, use the contact information on the left of the screen or this web form –

Network - DONE

Wired networking will be setup so that each access campus “looks” like any other building on the Oshkosh campus. – DONE

Wireless networking will be setup to use Oshkosh SSID, Titan Wifi. – DONE

STATUS: Recommendation accepted. Wired networks are connected and running at 2GB speed. Wireless networking on existing hardware, managed by UW Shared Services, but with new Titan Wifi network.

FUTURE: Investment in replacing aging network switches, firewalls, access points, and wireless controllers will  be needed in 2020.

Email and Calendaring - DONE

All three campuses will be on one, single, unified email and calendaring platform based on Office 365 and hosted by Oshkosh IT by  September 1, 2019.  

Fond du Lac and Fox Cities campus students migrated to UW Oshkosh Office 365 – DONE

Oshkosh campus students and employees migrated from Google to Office 365 – DONE

Fond du Lac and Fox Cities campus employees migrated to UW Oshkosh Office 365 – DONE

STATUS: Recommendation accepted, accounts have been migrated. Like the other comprehensives, Oshkosh will retain access to Google Drive and Apps other than email and calendar. 


  1. When will I get my UW Oshkosh NetID? All employees with contracts as of July 1, 2019 have their UW Oshkosh NetIDs. If you do not yet have a contract, you will not yet have a UW Oshkosh NetID. 
  2. What will my email address be? The current Oshkosh standard for accounts is Last Name plus First Initial. The first Jane Smith would be The second Jane Smith or John Smith would have to have a middle initial added. Because of that variability, we can’t tell you at this time what your email address or NetID username will be. However, you can search the UW Oshkosh Online Directory for that information.
  3. How long will I have access to my email address? The accounts will remain active until September 30, 2019. A forward to the account will be provided and maintained on your account until June 30, 2020.
Computer Management - DONE

Campus standards for hardware and software at the access campuses will be the same as it is on the Oshkosh campus. Campus standards will be followed for all new purchases. Exceptions will need to be made for existing non-compliant computers and printers, as there is no funding to cover the need. Since there is no funding to replace the computers, we will purchase solid state hard drives to improve the operation and extend the lifespan of the computers. 

Windows computers will be managed by the Oshkosh SCCM system and Apple computers will be managed by the Oshkosh MSC system. The default on all computers is that the user does not have administrator privileges but can request an annual exception by contacting the Help Desk. The standard Oshkosh image of software will be provided. Additional software can be installed using SCCM or MSC. Software that is not available through SCCM or MSC may be requested through the Help Desk but will require proof of current license and may require departmental funding if no licenses are available. 

Replacement computers will need to be budgeted and paid for by each department in the future, starting with a quote request to the Help Desk. 

STATUS: Recommendation accepted, implementation is in progress. A diagram of the workstation migration plan and a list of areas that have been upgraded are available in the Additional Information menu. Approximately 90% of Fox Cities campus is done and 90% of the Fond du Lac campus.

FUTURE: Fox Cities and Fond du Lac computers will need to be added to the computer replacement forecast for UW Oshkosh, increasing the amount needed annually to keep the equipment current.

Help Desk - DONE

Help Desk (tier 1) service via phone and email will be provided to all three campuses from the current Oshkosh Help Desk. On-site (tier 1) service will be provided at all three campuses and coordinated by the Oshkosh campus Help Desk manager. Coordination of work on reported issues will occur through use of FootPrints, service desk software, Slack, communication channel software, and phone. 

  • The primary phone number for assistance will be 920-424-3020 for all three campuses. 
  • The primary email for assistance will be for all three campuses. 
  • On-site locations for walk-in assistance will vary at each campus: 
    • Fond du Lac  TBD in consultation between local campus administration, UW Oshkosh IT, and the SPR committee 
    • Fox Valley – TBD in consultation between local campus administration, UW Oshkosh IT, and the SPR committee 
    • Oshkosh – Dempsey 207, Clow C010, Halsey 259a, Polk 5

Additional recommendations propose keeping the current CASE and ATS staff as part of Tier 2 and 3 support.

STATUS: Recommendation accepted. Fond du Lac and Fox Cities staff have been trained on FootPrints, the UW Oshkosh service desk system. Transition has been discussed with CITS. If you computer has a UW Oshkosh tag on it, please contact the UW Oshkosh Help Desk for assistance. If it has a CITS tag on it, please contact CITS.

All three campuses are using the Oshkosh Help Desk as of July 1, 2019.

Phone and email service is available Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 10:00pm and Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm. Walk-in service at UW Oshkosh is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Printing - DONE

Oshkosh’s print management system is Pharos. We will need to migrate Fond du Lac and Fox Valley printers that are connected to PaperCut to Pharos instead. They are similar systems. We also need to work out the use of ID cards for printing and student print limits. Ideally, we would provide all students with the current Oshkosh limits as student printing is fully supported by Student Technology Fee funding.

Ideally, all network printers will be put under the current Oshkosh Managed Print Services contract for toner and repair service. Similar to computer hardware, printer replacement will need to be funded by individual departments, except for printers in student general access computer labs, which will be covered by Student Technology Fee funding.

STATUS: Recommendation is under review, though transition from PaperCut to Pharos has begun. Since we are still supporting direct print service at Fond du Lac and Fox Cities, without having to login and release the print job, you should see no difference from the past system. Student print quotas and costs will be the same for all three campuses.

FUTURE: Funding will be needed to add print release stations to the Fox Cities campus in order to match the sustainability standard at the Oshkosh and Fond du Lac campuses.

Classroom Support - UNDER REVIEW

Both access campuses have very good on-site classroom support already. We want to coordinate and extend service coverage by blending the three classroom support staffs, processes, and standards.

STATUS: Recommendations for ATS and CASE staff are being reviewed. Classroom computer upgrades are in progress through the workstation management recommendation. Oshkosh IT staff are assisting Fond du Lac and Fox Cities staff to install projectors and other audio/visual upgrades over the summer. A new ATS Support person has been hired for the Fox Cities campus due to the retirement of their existing staff person.

FUTURE: Additional FTE will be needed at the Fox Cities campus to cover their need for IT and classroom support services.

Telephones - UNDER REVIEW

At the request of UW Shared Services, UW Oshkosh will migrate the Fond du Lac and Fox Cities VoIP phones and management to the UW Oshkosh Call Manager. Until that time service and support will continue to come from CITS/UW Shared Services.

STATUS: Recommendation is under review. 

FUTURE: Oshkosh is using four-digit dialing for on-campus calls. Fond du Lac and Fox Cities are using seven-digit dialing for on-campus calls. We do not expect to change anyone’s phone number. We will either need to switch Oshkosh to seven-digit dialing or all three campuses to five-digit dialing.