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One Button Studio in Polk 8 at UW Oshkosh

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  Phone: (920) 424-3020

The One Button Studio is a self-service video recording room in Polk 8 perfect for rehearsing a class presentation, practicing your public speaking skills, recording a group interview, creating videos for online instruction, recording a podcast, creating an informational video, recording testimonials and more.


How to use the One Button Studio

  1. Reserve the One Button Studio; check out the key.
  • Stop by the Student Technology Center to see if it is reserved.
  • The One Button Studio is available during Student Technology Center hours, 8 to 6:30 Monday through Thursday and 8 to 4:30 Friday. Check out the key using your Titan Card.
  • Reservations are available in 30-minute timeslots and can be reserved up to three timeslots per day.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Studio
  1. Go to the One Button Studio, Room 8 in Polk Library with your USB drive
  • IMPORTANT: Your USB drive must be formatted with FAT32. (View how to format FAT32)
  • USB Flash drives are available for purchase from University Books & More.
  • Use your student/faculty/staff ID to access the One Button Studio.
  1. Record Your Video
  • Insert your USB drive into the USB dock to activate the One Button Studio camera and lighting.
  • Turn off the room lights from the switch on the wall.
  • Press the large silver button to start recording.
  • When finished recording press the large silver button.
  • Remove your Flash drive after you see the on-screen prompt letting you know the recording is done saving. Removing your Flash drive from the USB dock deactivates the One Button Studio camera and lighting.


Need Help?

Talk to IT User Support in the Student Technology Center in Polk 5.