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Project Planning Team

Executive Sponsor:  Robert Roberts
Vice Chancellor for University Affairs
Project Sponsor:  Victor Alatorre
Chief Technology Officer
Project Manager:  
Team Members:  Brian Mauthe
Michael Brunn
Dan Petersen

 Contact IT

  Phone: (920) 424-3020

Status:  10/15/19
Project Complete


  • Student accounts migrated
  • Shared accounts migrated
  • UWO, Oshkosh campus staff migrated
  • Fox Cities and Fond du Lac Campuses migrated

UW Oshkosh campus migration to Office 365

In an effort to better collaborate with other UW System Campuses, and to address a few minor security issues, UW Oshkosh is migrating existing email and calendar from Google to Microsoft Office 365.  Existing email, calendar, and contacts data from current Google accounts are being migrated to Office 365 accounts.

For more information about the project, check this page and look for email communications or feel free to contact us!


Access Campus Migration

Due to data correlation issues, the migration of the has been postponed until the first week of August.  

We are working with CITS/Shared services team on making sure the synchronization is free of issues. 

We will communicate with you next week to confirm the exact dates of the cutover.


Students have been migrated from Google to Office 365 as of July 21, 2019.  Students now go to and use their NetID and password to login (same username and password that are used to access D2L).

Non-user Accounts

Non-user (departmental/shared) accounts will be migrated on July 15.  Designated owners of these accounts will need to fill out a form to add access for other users.  This form will be made available by July 5.

Early Adopters Migrated

Nearly 200 people have already been migrated to Office 365 as part of the Early Adopters migration.  We’ve learned a whole lot thanks to these early adopters.

Migration Strategy Update

Over the past couple of months, this project team has refined aspects of the actual migration from Google.  Perhaps the most significant change is that we will be migrating all accounts leveraging the knowledge and experience of our own team members instead of using an outside firm.  This gives us more control over the process and schedule.

We’ve also identified several large groups that we plan to migrate together and have put together a tentative schedule for their migration.  This schedule can be found below under “Next Steps.”

What is changing

Email, Calendar, and Contacts.  Once users are migrated to Office 365, they will log into using their NetID and password.  Once everyone is migrated to Office 365, users’ Google Accounts will also be accessed using their NetID and password.

What is Not Changing

Users will still have their campus-associated Google account.  However, apps like Gmail and Google Calendar are “features” that will be turned off.  Users will still have access to Google Drive and apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Next Steps

Migration Schedule

The tentative schedule to migrate users to Office 365 is broken down into the following groups:

GroupMigration Date
Early AdoptersJune 24, 2019
All Faculty and StaffJuly 8, 2019
All StudentsJuly 22, 2019