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Project Planning Team

Executive Sponsor:  Robert Roberts
Vice Chancellor for University Affairs
Project Sponsor:  Victor Alatorre
Chief Technology Officer
Project Manager:  
Team Members:  Brian Mauthe
Michael Brunn
Dan Petersen

Office 365 Training

To log in to Office 365 to access your email and calendar:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and click Next.
  3. Select Work or school account.
  4. Enter the password for your NetID.
  5. Choose whether you would like to stay logged in or not.
    (If you’re not on a campus owned computer issued to you, consider selecting No.)
  6. Click on Outlook, which should be the first app listed under Apps.

Lynda course for Outlook on the Web

The following course from was released earlier in 2019.  Some of the features shown may differ from what you experience.

Entire Lynda Coursehh:mm:ss
Outlook on the web Essential Training02:33:00
Compose New Message00:02:39
Email Signature00:02:38
Viewing Messages00:03:15
Replying and Forwarding00:04:15
Print, Delete, Archive, and Sweep00:05:15
Listen to a message00:02:15
Flagging and Pinning00:01:54
Search and Favorites00:02:55
Automatic Replies (Vacation Responder)00:05:51
Your Calendar
Create/Edit Appointment00:06:04
Interface Basics00:05:02
Repeating (Recurring) Appointments00:08:27
Calendar Properties00:02:24
Sharing Your Calendar00:04:12
Create Meeting00:03:06
Responding to Meeting Invitations00:03:57
Update or Cancel a Meeting00:03:45
Create a Meeting from an Email00:03:12
Repeating (Recurring) Meetings00:03:26
People (Contacts)
People (Contacts)00:05:43
Create Contact from Email00:02:04
Contact (Distribution) Lists00:03:18
Create or Join Groups00:05:48
Group Calendar and Apps00:01:40