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Password Reset

The UW System now requires password resets every 180 days, to begin by end of 2017.

Beginning Monday 11/20 and continuing for several weeks, everyone must change their NetID password or they will be locked out of all computing resources in the near future.

We apologize for the inconvenience but as of now it is the best standardized way to protect institutional data, including your financial data and that of all our present, past, and future students and their families.

Before you change your NetID password, you should “forget” the Titan WiFi network on any mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; otherwise, they will continue to ping the network with your old password and lock you out unexpectedly. For more information, visit

Before we begin the 14-day countdown to force password resets, we strongly suggest that you change your password at a time of your convenience, when we have support options available to assist you. Once the 14-day countdown begins, we anticipate that our support staff will be overwhelmed with requests and we will not be able to help you as fast as you would like.

We are offering multiple support options:

  • Self-help password-reset article in the knowledge base to guide you independently
  • Open labs staffed with technicians where you can drop in for assistance
  • Computing lab consultants who are trained to assist you on an as-needed basis
  • Train-the-trainer, where we will train someone in your department to assist others
  • Scheduled appointments for your department where technicians will come to assist you
  • Scheduled individual appointments

For all inquiries, especially scheduling appointments for training, please contact the IT Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or