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Admin Rights Exception

— Beginning January 15, 2019 Oshkosh campus computers will no longer have administrator rights. —

In response to UW System Information Security policies, IT has been working on reducing the number of computers that provide the user with administrator rights. Current setups do not provide administrator rights, unless it is explicitly requested. All computer lab computers are setup without administrator rights.

We need to move to the next step of the project, which is removing administrator rights on all Oshkosh campus computers. The most typical reason for needing administrator rights is software installation. However, with automated software management on both Windows and Apple campus computers that reason is largely removed.

Since we understand there may be legitimate business / academic reasons for retaining administrator rights, we’ve developed a process for requesting an exception to this policy. The exceptions need to be reviewed and documented in order for us to remain in good standing with the information security auditors.

The process is to fill out this form. The form will be reviewed by our technical staff to see if they can provide a work-around that does not require administrative rights. If they can’t, then the request is forwarded to your supervisor and supervisor’s supervisor for approval. It is finally reviewed by the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and/or CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for final approval. If approved, we document the exception. If not, then we let you know the exception is not approved.  View process map.

Approved exceptions will have to be renewed annually, each October. And computers with approved exceptions will be subject to audit regarding software used and system activity.

We’ve selected January 15, 2019 as the date we will set all campus computers to no longer have administrator rights. We’re making the form available now, so that you can fill it out now and we’ll have to time to review them all before our designated cut-off date. Please don’t wait until the last minute to fill out the form. We need at least 2 weeks to review exception requests and route them for approvals.

In light of that date, the deadline to submit exception requests is January 1, 2019. Requests received by January 1, 2019 will be put in a temporary approved group and will retain administrative rights until the review is completed, even if that is after January 15.  Requests received after January 1, 2019 will lose administrative rights on January 15, though rights may be restored later, if the exception is approved.

Since the November 6 notice we have received 36 exception requests. Six of them have been completely processed, seven are awaiting approvals, and 23 are being reviewed. It does take about two weeks to make it through the whole process.


— Page updated November 28, 2018 —