Student Technology Fee Committee - Information Technology
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Student Technology Fee Committee

A 2% fee is added to student tuition to generate funds to improve campus technology. A committee, primarily of students, meets annually to review proposals for use of these funds.


The overall purpose of the Student Technology Fee (STF) is to enhance student access to information technologies for learning. Specific uses of the Student Technology Fee will relate to the following broad goals, which have been identified as top priorities by the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA):

    • staffing and services for computer labs
    • student computer lab workstations
    • maintaining software in student computer labs
    • training for students on the use of computers, software, email, networks, etc.
    • Networking, email, and/or wireless access for students

The OSA may propose modifications to these priorities. Goals identified in the University’s Strategic Plan are also used to direct use of STF funds.

Student Technology Fee Committee

The Student Technology Fee Committee consists primarily of students and meets primarily during Spring Semester. The committee reviews and recommends the proposals that will be funded. For those who desire to serve on this committee, please contact the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA). The Student Technology Fee Committee shall consist of the following members:

  • 8 Student members appointed by the OSA (7 voting, 1 non-voting)
  • 1 Faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 Academic staff member appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff
  • 1 University staff member appointed by the Classified Staff Advisory Council
  • 1 Committee advisor appointed by the Chancellor (non-voting)