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Interactive Web Management Club
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Required course: IS 151 Creating the Digital Future

Choose 9 credits from the following:

  • CS 125 Web Development
  • IS 350 Internet Platform Management
  • IS 352 Technology Innovation
  • CS 347 Introduction to Usability
  • MKT 463 Internet Marketing
CS 125 Web Development

This course introduces students to simple Web development based on technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Topics also include evaluation/critique of Web design, multimedia (Photoshop, Flash, and audio).

3 units (crs.)

IS 350 Internet Platform Management

This course covers the basic technologies needed to understand and manage a modern Web system. This includes the design and implementation of databases, networking, Web servers and general website operations. The course also discusses issues of ensuring data and user security, confidentiality and privacy. Specific topics to be included are: the TCP/IP model, Ethernet and wireless networks, Web server set up and administration, contracting with Web hosting services, managing service contracts, Internet security considerations, Web database design and implementation and considerations for mobile access.

Prerequisite: Essentials of IS (BUS 311), Web Development (CS125); 60 credits completed and combined GPA of 2.5 or better, or admission to the College of Business.

3 units (crs.)

IS 352 Technology Innovation

This course explores innovation of new technologies to provide students with an understanding of at how technologies emerge and are adopted, how innovation works in practice, and why some technologies are more successful and are adopted faster than others, as well as the business implications for established companies and new entrants. This will also include discussion of the relative advantages and disadvantages of being an early adopter vs. a laggard in adopting new technologies. The course will also give students an opportunity to explore new and emerging technologies that may become important in the marketplace over the next few years.

Prerequisite: BUS 311 AND IS 151; 60 credits completed and combined GPA of 2.5 or better or admission to the College of Business.

3 units (crs.)

MKT 463 Internet Marketing

This course builds on the general understanding of marketing developed in the introductory marketing course, and focuses on how the Internet has changed traditional marketing practices and may continue to influence marketing and advertising in the future. There is a clear emphasis on interactive Web-based user experiences that support marketing strategy and objectives. Specific topics covered in the course include: the impact of online retailing on consumer behavior, the development and expansion of Internet-enable niche markets based on lifestyle or interest-based segmentation, online market research, key components of a strong online marketing plan, the effect of “friction-free” markets on pricing decisions and product positioning, customer tracking and the delivery of online services.

Prerequisite: Essentials of Marketing (BUS 371); 60 credits completed and combined GPA of 2.5 or better or admission to the College of Business.

3 units (crs.)