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Undergraduate majors in the Department of Kinesiology have a secondary admissions process. Students are required to submit an admissions portfolio to be considered for acceptance into each of the three majors. Formal acceptance is necessary prior to completing most upper-level courses within the major.

Pre-Admission Courses

In order to obtain admission into one of the majors in the Department of Kinesiology, students must submit an application with a link to their admissions portfolio. The admissions portfolio may be submitted following successful completion of the following prerequisite courses:(9 credits):

  • KIN 121 – Orientation to Kinesiology (1 cr)
  • KIN 122 – Kinesiology Admissions Seminar (1 cr)
  • KIN 170 – Medical Terminology (1 cr)
  • KIN 171 – Prevention, Recognition, & Treatment of Athletic Injuries (2 cr)
  • BIO 211 – Human Anatomy (4 cr)

While there is no official minimum GPA for admission, students in the Department of Kinesiology must finish with a 2.75 GPA. Therefore, pre-admission grades and GPA are reviewed to assess the likelihood of success in completing the majors. 


Additional Information

  • The deadline for submission of the admissions portfolio is on the last Friday of each semester. Students may apply for admissions while the courses listed above are in progress. Admittance, however, is dependent upon completion and the student’s grade in each course.
  • All applications will be reviewed and evaluated within three weeks following the end of the semester. Students will receive formal notification of the admissions committee’s decision no later than five weeks after the semester ends. The decision will be sent to each student’s University email address.


If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Committee Chair, Dr. Dan Schmidt.

Admissions Portfolio contents

Your admissions portfolio must include the following:

1. Descriptive background information about the student on the first page

It can be called the “Introduction” page, and it must include the following information: your name, the major for which you are applying, the courses you are using to apply, next semester’s class schedule, your student ID, UW Oshkosh email address and a picture (optional). The “Introduction” page can be formatted as desired, but all required above information must be present.

2. A formal cover letter 

Your cover letter must be addressed to the Kinesiology Admissions Committee, stating which Kinesiology major you are applying for (Exercise and Sport Science, Strength and Conditioning, or Rehabilitation Science). Other information in the letter can include why you desire to be admitted into the major and what your career plans are currently. The letter should also include your qualifications, your academic objectives and any additional information that you feel will help the admissions committee evaluate your portfolio. Your letter must not exceed one page in length.

3. A formal resume

Include the following sections (if appropriate): education section, experience section, any appropriate honors and activities, and a skills section. You may include any other resume sections you think contribute to your document.

4. Admissions Essay

Include the following:

  • Your knowledge of the Kinesiology field and/or the major you are applying for. For example, you may want to choose one career option in the field of Kinesiology and describe the knowledge, skills and abilities required for that position.
  • Your experiences in the Kinesiology field and/or the major you are applying for. For example, you may choose to include specific information regarding coursework, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and/or direct participation in the field. How have you benefited from these experiences? Did any experiences influence your thinking, understanding and/or appreciation of the Kinesiology field?
  • Your expectations of your chosen major. For example, you may want to include what you hope to accomplish, and the knowledge, skills and abilities you hope to acquire or improve following completion of your major in the Department of Kinesiology.
  • The value and benefits of life-long learning. Provide concrete examples of your dedication to being a life-long learner.
  • Career goals. Identify how the major you are choosing will contribute to your career choice.


In addition, your paper should reflect your personality, feelings, aspirations and enthusiasm toward your intended major.

The admissions essay may not exceed two pages in length. Grammar, spelling and organization will be strongly considered when the admissions committee evaluates the paper.

Once your admissions portfolio is complete you will have a website link from Canvas. To complete your application,  you must complete the form below and include your personal website link.

Undergraduate Program Application

    • You should have used Canvas to create an application website. Please copy and paste the link into the text box.