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Pride Scholarship for LGBTQIA+ Activism Dinner

Pride Scholarship for LGBTQIA+ Activism Dinner


We have rebranded our Harvey Milk LGBTQ+ Scholarship and it is now known as the Pride Scholarship for LGBTQIA+ Activism.

This dinner honors the courage and spirit of LGBTQIA+ activists, such as Harvey Milk, whose activism set an example of the crucial connection between education and social change. This event is a way to encourage and support all members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community on the three campuses of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and the Greater Fox Valley.

Our goal is to provide scholarships for both UW Oshkosh students and high school students in the Fox Valley who will be enrolling at one of the UW Oshkosh campuses who have done activism for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through education, volunteerism and service, the Pride Scholarship Dinner Committee will serve the surrounding communities as a positive force for dignity and recognition.

You may specifty the scholarship you wish to donate to using our online donation form.

In case you missed the last scholarship dinner, you can watch it here: Harvey Milk LGBTQ+ Scholarship Dinner 2020


The 11th Annual Pride Scholarship for LGBTQIA+ Activism Dinner will be held in October 2022

Watch for our June 2022 Fundraising Event featuring Drag Bingo and Drag Karaoke!



Fun Fact: We have awarded 17 scholarships and, to date, have raised $34,500 in ten years.

To apply for the 2022 Pride Scholarship for LGBTQIA+ Activism, visit Academic Works.

For guidance in filling out the application, please watch this video and refer to this powerpoint presentation.