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Embracing the Journey
By Jeanne Gainsburg

The Savvy Ally is an enjoyable, humorous, encouraging, easy-to-understand guidebook for being an ally to the LGBTQ+ communities. It is chock-full of practical and useful tools for LGBTQ+ advocacy, including:

  • Current and relevant information on identities and LGBTQ+ language

  • Techniques for respectful dialogue and common bloopers to avoid

  • Tools for effectively navigating difficult conversations

  • Suggestions for addressing common questions and concerns

  • Actions for creating more LGBTQ+ inclusive spaces

  • Recommendations for self-care and sustainable allyship

The Savvy Ally is vital for teachers, counselors, social workers, healthcare providers, and college professors, as well as parents who want to be supportive of their LGBTQ+ child but don’t know how. This informative, entertaining, and supportive guidebook will surely jump-start even the most tentative ally.

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The Every Body Book
By Rachel E. Simmons

An illustrated LGBTQ+ inclusive kid’s guide to sex, gender and relationships education that includes children and families of all genders and sexual orientations, covering puberty, hormones, consent, sex, pregnancy and safety.

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Gender: Your Guide: A Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture

By Lee Airton, Ph.D.

“I wish I had a copy of this book to give to every teacher, principal, counsellor, parent, partner, boss and co-worker of a trans, gender variant or non-binary person in the world. I sincerely do. This book is for anyone who wants to learn and do better by trans and non-binary people. Thoughtfully and compassionately written by someone who has lived experience of navigating the binary world in a non-binary body and mind, Dr. Lee Airton will talk you through it all without pretence, or judgement. It’s not just a How-To guide to pronouns, gender neutral language and dismantling our very cisgendered systems, it is something so much more valuable: it’s a Why Should We All guide to building a more accessible and just world for people of all genders.”

Ivan Coyote, Author of Tomboy Survival Guide and Gender Failure                                                                                                                                                             

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