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Bias Incident Report

Bias Incident/Hate Crime

A bias incident is any act, including conduct, speech, or expression, in which a biased motive (against a race, religion, disability status, ethnicity/national origin, gender, sexual orientation) is a clear contributing factor. A hate crime is a bias incident that has risen to the level of a crime.


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Relationship and Sexual Violence

UW Oshkosh students, faculty and staff who have experienced sexual abuse, dating violence, sexual harassment and/or stalking can receive support by contacting the Campus Victim Advocate or reporting it to Title IX.  The Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) is a campus and community partnership that provides free and confidential legal, medical and personal advocacy. The Campus Victim Advocate can be reached at (920) 424-2061 where they assist with:

  • reporting to authorities;
  • safety planning;
  • restraining orders; and
  • support services.

To review UW Oshkosh’s policy on sexual misconduct, click here: