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Titans UNITE!

UNITED Training for Students, Staff, and Faculty 

UNITED Training

Help make the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh a safer and more welcoming place for the LGBTQIA+ community by participating in UNITED Training. Participants take part in a 1.5 hour workshop designed to teach best practices for being an effective ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

UNITED Best Practices Training

A 90-minute foundational training about best practices in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community on campus and in the world.

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UNITED+ Trainings

After taking our Best Practices training, continue your allyship education by attending other DEI-focused trainings throughout the year.

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Request Group UNITED Training

Interested in scheduling a UNITED training with your department, residence hall, class, or organization? We are happy to offer you a group training catered to your area’s specialization and needs!

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Student Health Center


Financial Aid


Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC)


The Intersection


Women's Center

Committed Offices and Departments

This is a list of offices and departments across campus that have committed to being active allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Commitment Badge

If you are a leader of a department/office/division and would like to make a commitment to have 100% staff members complete our UNITED training, please email with details about your area and a list of staff members. Thank you! 

UNITED Directory

Directory of UNITED-trained faculty, staff, and student leaders

Please enter any additional workshops/events you would like displayed on our Directory here.


Development Directory

UNITED Development Directory

This table indicates those who completed the UNITED Best Practices Foundation Course. Additional tabs indicate further progress in the UNITED training program.
First/Last NamePronounsTitle Office/Dept.Best Practices Foundation CourseAdditional Training(s)
Majed AltaianHe/Him/HisAcademic AdvisorUARCX
Timothy ArnoldHe/Him/HisAssistant DirectorCounseling CenterX
Ivy BuchanShe/Her/HersAdministrative AssistantCollege of Business-AcademicX
Missy BurgessShe/Her/HersAssociate Director of Student InvolvementReeve UnionX
Jen EscherShe/Her/HersAcademic AdvisorUARCX
Eliza FarrowThey/Them/TheirsDEI Student Services CoordinatorWomen's CenterX
Leah FolksShe/Her/HersDirector (Interim)Counseling CenterX
Dr. Rebecca GraetzShe/Her/HersSt. Online Instructional Design Consultant Online & Continuing EducationX
Angelee HammondShe/Her/HersAdministrative Assistant IIPolitical Science- AcademicX
Brigitte HandevidtShe/Her/HersTriage Registered NurseStudent Health CenterX
Clara HewinsShe/Her/HersStudent Life CoordinatorCampus Life & the IntersectionX
Allie HurrishShe/Her/HersStaff CounselorCounseling CenterX
Tyler KlaverHe/Him/HisOSA Program AdvisorReeve UnionX
Ashley O'BrienShe/Her/HersStaff CounselorCounseling CenterX
Sean O'MeliaHe/Him/HisAdmissions CounselorAdmissionsX
Jeanne OostShe/Her/HersCostume Shop SupervisorDepartment of Theater- AcademicX
Becky Parman KnollShe/Her/HersStaff CounselorCounseling CenterX
Miranda RidenerShe/Her/HersCirculation & Archives AssistantLibraryX
Tanya SchmidtShe/Her/HersStaff Counselor & Case ManagerCounseling CenterX
Cindy Lou SchultzShe/Her/HersAdministrative AssistantDepartment of Journalism- AcademicX
Tyler VolkertHe/Him/HisStaff CounselorCounseling CenterX
Arthur WetterauHe/Him/HisFinancial Specialist IReeve Union/University BookstoreX
Korey BloedornHe/Him/HisCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Abby CheesebroShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Nikita CrubaughShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Angela DeptulaShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Eliza GullicksonShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Katlyn HallShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome Leader/USHR Secretary StudentX
Caryn HammShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Drake HansenHe/Him/HisCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Gwyn HansonShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Jenna HoffmanShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)Student X
Desiree HoranShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Kyra HuberShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Syl Hyacinth They/Them/TheirsTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Frances KerkhofRolling Pronouns/She/HerOSA Communications DirectorStudentX
Kayla KaneShe/He/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Hannah KruegerShe/Her/HersThe Cabinet Food Pantry DirectorStudentX
Keera KozickeShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Kyle KleinHe/Him/HisTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Autumn LarsonShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudent X
Gianna MecozziShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Kong MengHe/Him/HisTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Olivia NedzaShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Luiza Nelson She/Her/HersOSA Chief of StaffStudentX
Trinity OliverShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Somtoo OnwuasoanyaTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Rilie PostulkaShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Max RinnTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Glen RogersHe/Him/HisOSA Vice PresidentStudentX
Pyper RouseShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Harrison SavilleHe/Him/HisVice President- Sigma PiStudentX
Maddie SgarlataShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Jade SpringerShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX
Brianna StorinoShe/Her/HersPresident-WAC
Women's Advocacy Senator
Titan Welcome Leader
Holly Vande KolkShe/Her/HersGeneralist Intern- Counseling CenterStudentX
Natalie WalkerShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome LeaderStudentX
Luke WillisHe/Him/HisCommunity Service Officer (CSO)StudentX

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