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Titans UNITE!

UNITED Training for Students, Staff, and Faculty

UNITED+ Trainings

Allyship does not end with one training. For folks who have completed our Best Practices course and want to remain true allies by continuing their education about the LGBTQIA+ community, we offer supplementary trainings that delve deeper into queer and trans culture. Additionally, we encourage students, staff, and faculty to attend presentations and professional development provided by other departments across campus that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

UNITED + Trainings

Foundations 201: LGBTQIA+ Terminology Basics

Tuesday, October 10 | 1:00-2:00 p.m. | Teams

This UNITED+ workshop will continue the important conversations from the Best Practices Foundation Course and dive deeper into terminology, the difference between gender and sexuality, and the fluidity of identities. 


Navigating Legislative Advocacy in Wisconsin and the Nation for LGBTQ+ Rights

Thursday, October 19 | 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. | Reeve 220 (Oshkosh Campus)

In this training, led by Dr. Amney Harper and Dr. Teysha Bowser, we will review specific Wisconsin state legislation as well as current proposed bills that impact LGBTQ+ people. We will also look nationally at trends in recent legislation as well as what protections are in place. We will talk about what you can do to advocate, and we will discuss the greater implications of these recent changes.


Finding Family In LGBTQIA+ History

Monday, October 23 | 4:00-5:15 p.m. | Sage 2221 (Oshkosh Campus)

This UNITED+ workshop will explore the history of LGBQIA+ people from ancient to recent history. Special attention will be given to the 18th, 19th, and early 20th Centuries, when queer people around the world began to develop many of the specific identities and communities we still recognize now. Understanding LGBTQIA+ people in the past can be an important element of contemporary advocacy for queer people living today.


Embrace Teaching LGBTQIA+ Joy!

Tuesday, November 7 | 1:20-2:20 p.m. | Reeve Ballroom A (Oshkosh Campus)

Let’s talk about inclusion of LGBTQIA+ students in class! Often when teaching about LGBTQIA+ people, instructors teach about the many oppressions facing them. This focus is important in a time of rising hate and intolerance aimed at LGBTQIA+ people, particularly Trans children. At the same time, one of the ways to lift up LGBTQIA+ students in your classes and teach in opposition to this new virulent wave of hate is to teach about LGBTQIA+ joy. This event will focus on how to go beyond mainstream narratives about LGBTQIA+ people and bring a multimedia approach to teaching about the joy of LGBTQIA+ identities, embodiments, and experiences. 

About our speakers: Adrian Hanrahan, UWO Alum and UW Milwaukee Graduate Student in Media, Cinema, and Digital Studies, and Jordan Landry, CETL Director.  Adrian identifies as bisexual, femme, trans, nonbinary, queer and genderqueer along with white, working class and neurodivergent. Jordan identifies as a queer trans parent of four incredible teens and as a teacher.

Foundations 201: LGBTQIA+ Terminology Basics

Wednesday, December 13 | 10:00-11:00 a.m. | CCED 006A (Oshkosh Campus)

This UNITED+ workshop will continue the important conversations from the Best Practices Foundation Course and dive deeper into terminology, the difference between gender and sexuality, and the fluidity of identities. 


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Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC)


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Center for Academic Resources


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Committed Offices and Departments

This is a list of offices and departments across campus that have committed to being active allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Commitment Badge

If you are a leader of a department/office/division and would like to make a commitment to have 100% staff members complete our UNITED training, please email with details about your area and a list of staff members. Thank you! 

UNITED Directory

Directory of UNITED-trained faculty, staff, and student leaders

Please enter any additional workshops/events you would like displayed on our Directory here.


Development Directory

UNITED Development Directory

This table indicates those who completed the UNITED Best Practices Foundation Course. Additional tabs indicate further progress in the UNITED training program.
First and Last NamePronounsTitle or Position of Employment (If you are a student or student leader, please indicate your role on campus if applicable)Department/Office
Aaliyah MurrayShe, Her, HersStudent and Certified Nursing Assistant at the Student Health Center
Abby CheesebroShe, Her, HersTitan welcome leader
Abby SylviaShe/Her/HersAssociate Director of Residential EducationResidence Life
Alison CasadyShe, Her, HersInterim Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Allie HurrishShe/Her/HersStaff Counselor at the Counseling Center
Aly OlsonShe/Her/HersPresident of HSLSO
Amanda Bain-Mesickshe/herAdministrative Assistant III-Online and Continuing Education
Amanda DoperalskiShe/Her/HersStudent Life Coordinator at UWO Fox Cities
Amber LusvardiShe/her/hersAssistant Professor of Political Science
Ane Carriveaushe/her/hersUWO Fox Cities Library Manager
Angel Liddleshe/herAdministrative Supervisor, Facilities Management
Angela Deptulashe/her/hersTitan Welcome Leader
Angela HawleyShe/Her/HersDirector of Student Health CenterStudent Health Center
Angela SubulwaShe/herDirector & Associate ProfessorInternational Studies
Angelee Hammondshe, her, hersAdministrative Assistant II
Anna PiittmannShe/HerCAHousing
April Peissigshe/her/hersInformation specialist
Ariane Zimmermanshe/her/hersGraduate Assistant in the College of Business
Arthur Wetterauhe/him/hisFinancial Specialist I
Ash Bottthey/themstudent and administrative assistant - Writing Center
Ashley BehlingShe/HerStudent Rec & Wellness (Admin III)
Ashley FranckShe/her/hersStudent nurse
Ashley O'BrienShe/Her/HersStaff Counselor
Ashley Petrshe/her/hersInternship CoordinatorCollege of Business
Autumn LarsenShe/herStudent, Titan Welcome Leader, Tutor, Tutor Manager
Barbara Raushe/her/hersDean, College of Business
Becky Parman Knollshe/herCounselor
Belynda Pinkstonshe, her, hersMcNair Program Coordinator
Ben WilkesHe, Him, HisFinancial Aid OfficerFinancial Aid
Bethany Ruschshe/her/hersAsst. Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration
Brandon Yanghe/him/hisStudent Staff Intern
Briana McCarthyShe/Her/HersCareer Development Manager
Brianna SabelShe/Her/HersGraduate Career Advisor InternCareer & Professional Development
Brigitte Handevidtshe, her, hersTriage Registered Nurse
Britney DeruchowskiShe/Her/HersProgram Development and Advising Coordinator in Online Education
Brittnie WestphalShe/her/hersN/A
Buzz BaresShe/Her/HersInterim Dean of Students
Cameo EnglandShe/Her/HersAdministrative Assistantdepartment of Residence Life
Carmen HetzelShe/Her/HersProgram Advisor for Student Organization and Leadership Programs
Caroline AbelShe/Her/HersNurse Practitioner, Student Health Center
Caryn Hammshe/hertitan welcome leader
Casey Pressshe, her, hersstudent
Chelsea BurtonShe/Her/HersTRIO SSS Academic Advisor
Chelsy CegielskiShe/HerAssistant Director of Career & Professional DevelopmentCareer & Professional Development
Chloe Stout-AcostaShe/her/hersStudent
Christopher WagnerHe / Him / HisConference Services ManagerResidence Life
Cindy Heathshe/her/hersAcademic Advisor
Cindy Lou Schultzshe, her, hersAdministrative Assistant, Department of Journalism
Cindy MartinStudent
Clara Hewinsshe/her/hersStudent Life Coordinator & Coordinator for The Intersection
Cordelia Bowlusshe, herMcNair Program Director
Crystal Bussshe/her/hersHead of Access ServicesUW Oshkosh Libraries (Polk Library)
Crystal MuellerShe/theyWriting Center Director, coordinator of developmental writing, and senior lecturer 2/assistant teaching professor dept of English
Cynthia Brown-Sullivan, MDShe her hersMedical Director of SHC
Cynthia Schroedershe, herRegistered Nurse Student Health NurseStudent Health Center
Danielle Delwiche-Oelhafenshe/her/hersHR ManagerHuman Resources
Darinka Lechugashe/hers/ellaStudent Success NavigatorStudent Outreach and Retention
Deanna VanderWielenshe/her/hersTransfer Student Admissions CounselorAdmissions
Debbie Gray Pattonshe/herAcademic Program Manager, University Studies Program
Debra GoldenShe, Her, HersAcademic Advisor
Desiree HoranShe/Her/HersStudent Leader
Dr. Rebecca Graetzshe/herSt. Online Instructional Design Consultant
Drake HansenHe/Him/HisCommunity Service Officer
Dylan Bramhe/him/hisProgram Advisor for Reeve Union Board and Late Night Programming
Eliza FarrowThey/Them/TheirsDiversity, Equity and Inclusivity Student Services Coordinator, Women's Center
Eliza GullicksonShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome Leader
Elizabeth BeineShe/her/hersWriting Coach
Ella Quinnshe/herAssistant Residence Hall Director and graduate studentResidence Life
Ellie Langshe/her/hersInterim Asst. Director of Res LifeRes Life
Emilee Fullershe/herResidence Hall DirectorResidence Life
Emily BrookeShe/Her/HersNSFP Specialist
Emily Hoffmannshe/herCareer Advisor
Emily Marie ColonShe/Her/EllaStudent Success NavigatorStudent Outreach and Retention
Emma KieslingShe/her/herson campus- career resource specialistcareer & professional development
Erik Hellerhe/him/hisAssistant Director of Academic Advising
Erin CooperShe/her/hersProfessional Counseling Program Student and Graduate Assistant in the College of Business
Erin Elliottshe/her/herslecturer
Evan Williamshe/him/hisAssociate Professor
Eve HawpetossAny PronounsStudent Leader - Vice President of ITSC and Co Programmer of HOPE
Frances Kerkhofany pronouns (but She/her/hers works just fine)Communications Director for OSA
Frank HolmesHe Him HisAcademic Advisor
Gayle FraleyShe her hersCustodian
Gianna MecozziShe, herTitan Welcome Leader
Glen RogersHe/Him/HisVice President/Small Group leader of Chi Alpha
Greg BattenHe Him HisAssociate Director of ProgramsStudent Recreation
Gwyn HansonShe/Her/HersCSO
Hailey SieberShe/Her/HersResidence Hall DirectorResidence Life
Haley Elgershe/hersStudent
Halle Breske Soczkashe/her/hersCollege of Business Dean's Assistant
Hannah Kruegershe/her/hersThe Cabinet Food Pantry Director
Harrison SavilleHe/himSigma Pi Vice President
Holly Ludwig Callaghanshe/her/hersAccessibility Coordinator
Holly Vande Kolkshe/her/hersGeneralist Intern
Hope Schaefer Kempsshe/her/hersGraduate Career AdvisorCareer and Professional Development
Jade SpringerShe/Her/HersCommunity Service Officer
Jaime Page-StadlerShe/Her/HersDirectorCareer & Professional Development
Jakob IversenHe/him/hisAssociate Dean, College of Business
Jane GarrowShe/her/hersAcademic AdvisorFox Campus
Jared Bensonhe/him/hisStudent Success NavigatorOffice of Student Outreach and Retention
Jasper WerleinHe/theyAV Support Coordinator
Jeanne HiattShe/Her/HersCollege of Nursing Learning Resources Manager
Jeanne Oostshe, her, hersCostume Shop Supervisor
Jen Eschershe/her/hersAcademic Advisor for COLS
Jenna HoffmanShe/herCommunity service officer
Jennifer Buelow Fischershe/herUndergraduate Programs DirectorCollege of Business
Jeri KukurichShe/Her/HersInterim Executive Director of Student Affairs, Access CampusesStudent Affairs/Solution Center (Fox and Fond du Lac)
Jessica VandebergShe/her/hersStudent
John MuraskiHe, His, HimAssistant ProfessorCOB - Information Systems
John PalmerHe Him HisAssociate Dean of Students
Johnathan DanielsonHe/Him/HisAcademic Advisor
Jordan JohnsonHe/Him/HisCareer Advisor
Josephine Wesoloskishe/her/hersCollege of Nursing Student (Senior I)
Kalee Skrivershe, her, hersGraduate AssistantProfessional Counseling
Karee Orrick SlusserShe/her/hersProject Program ManagerADVANCE UWO NSF Grant
Kari MeszarosShe/her/hersCareer Advisor
Kate SchneiderShe/Her/HersStudent
Kathryn Kaufmanshe/herLecturer
Kathryn Kleinshe/herIAS Staff
Katie Schneidershe/her/hersFreshman Application Review SpecialistAdmissions
Katlyn HallShe/her/hersUSRH secretary/titan welcome leader
Kayla KaneShe, Her, HersCommunity Service Officer
Kayla WeinbergerShe/Her/HersCollege of Business Graduate AssistantUndergraduate Business Office
Keera KozickeShe/Her/HersWelcome Leader
Kelly JohnsonShe/HerResearch and User Services LibrarianUWO LIbraries
Kelsey Randallshe/her/hersAdvisor & RecruiterOnline and Continuing Education
Kennedy FossShe/Her/HersLGBTQ+ Resource Center Intern
Kenneth WojtalewiczHe/Him/HisCommunity AdvisorNorth Scott
Kevin KroppHe/Him/HisAssistant Residence Hall DirectorResidence Life
Kiersten FrankShe/Her/HersStudent
Kiersten Karlsenshe/herAssistant Dean of Students
Kim Helm-QuestShe/Her/HersHealth Promotion ManagerStudent Health Center
Kimberly Prophettshe/her/hersCommunications ManagerReeve Union
Kong MengHe, HisStudent and Student leader
Korey BloedornHe, Him, hisCommunity Service Officer
Kris Campbellshe, her, hersCounselor at the Counseling Center
Kristi Herrickshe/her/hersNurse PractitionerStudent Health Center
Kristin RichterShe/her/hersSenior I Nursing Student
Kristy Bloedowshe/her/hersApplication Review SpecialistAdmissions
Kyle KleinHe/Him/HisTitan Welcome Leader
Kyle MackeyHe/Him/HisOutdoor Adventures CoordinatorStudent Recreation and Wellness Center
Kyra Hubershe, her, hersFTO Community Service Offcier
Lauren Burgbachershe/her/hersUARC Office Manager/Student Supervisor
Laurie Hughesshe/herEvent Coordinator Residence Life- Conference Services
Leah Folksshe, her, hersInterim Director Counseling Center
Lesa Jorgensenshe, her, hersExecutive Assistant II
Linda KoonShe/Her/HersOffice Manager, Reeve Union
Lindsey DeVriesshe/her/hersRetention Specialist/Student Success NavigatorStudent Affairs/Student Outreach and Retention
Lisa Crawfordshe/her/hersAcademic Advisor
Lisa Goetschshe/her/hersEvent Coordinator
Lisa SzrombaShe/herAssociate Director of Academic Advising
Lisa Volkeningshe, her, hersLecturer, Communication Studies Department
Liz Whalleyshe/her/hersDirector of Academic Advising
Lucie SpanbauerHer/hersWriting Center Coach
Luiza Nelsonshe/her/hersOSA Chief of Staff, SI Leader for History 202, Treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi
Luke WillisHe/HimCommunity Service Officer (CSO)
Lyla YangShe/her/hersAdmissions SpecialistAdmissions
Lynnette Kopetskyshe/her/hersLibrary Assistant III
Maddie Sgarlatashe/herTitan Welcome Leader
Mai Nhia Xiongshe, her, hersProject Manager, Enrollment Management
Majed Altaianhe/him/hisAcademic Advisor
Mallory Janquartshe/her/hersProgram Director, Medical Laboratory Science and Medical Imaging
Marc NylenHe, him, hisDirector Residence Life Conference Services/Associate Director of Residence LifeResidence Life
Martin Ruddhe/him/hisAssistant Chancellor for Access Campuses
Max RinnTitan Welcome Leader
Meaghan DeJagershe/her/hersFond du Lac Library ManagerFond du Lac Library
Megan Kirkhartshe/herCareer AdvisorCareer & Professional Development
Melanie Marineshe/her/hersDirector of Testing Services
Melissa Schraufnagelshe/her/hersData Reporting Specialist
Meredith Resopshe/her/hersAssistant Director of Academic Advising
Michael PattonHe, him, hisLecturer
Michelle LambShe, HersBusiness Analyst III
Michelle RectorShe/Her/HersStudent Success NavigatorRetention and Outreach
Miguel CurielHe/Himstudent
Miranda Ridenershe/herCirculation and Archives Assistant
Molly HartigShe/her/hersStudent
Molly Wanderseeshe/her/hersAcademic Advisor
Morgan WolfShe/Her/HersFitness CoordinatorSRWC
Morris Hamptonhe/him/hisSenior Advisor
Nancy BrooksShe, Her, HersMedical Program AssistantStudent Health Center
Natalie StepanekShe/her/theirsStudent Success NavigatorOffice of Student Outreach and Retention
Natalie Walkershe/her/hersTitan Welcome Leader
Natasha ZwijaczShe/Her/HersResidence Hall DirectorDepartment of Residence Life
Nate LundtOperations Manager - Reeve Union
Nathan MulderHe/Him/HisTutor Coordinator
Nicole Richter-Smithshe/her/hersOffice Manager
Nicole SchmidtShe/her/hersStudent
Nikita CrubaughShe/HerTitan welcome leader and FFWS peer mentor
Olivia Nedzashe/her/hersstudent leader- Titan Welcome Leader and SI Leader
Pascale M. Manningshe, her, hersAssociate Professor of English
Polly Newhouseshe/her/hersCounseling Center Office Manager
Pyper RouseShe/Her/HersTitan Welcome Leader
Rachel HaaseShe/Her/HersW-2 Trainer/Outreach Specialist with CCDET
Rana Lunashe/her/hersAssignment AssistantResidence Life
Becky Durbinshe/her/hersStudent Information Specialist (in Student Affairs/Solution Center on UWO Fox Cities Campus)
Rebecca KamkeShe/HerHuman service student and caregiver with the elderly
Rebecca StephaniShe her hersAcademic Staff
Renee AndersonShe/Her/HersCampus AdministratorUWO FDL Campus
Reneé SimpsonShe/Her/HersAcademic Advisor
Riley Kemmetshe/herCommunity AdvisorResidence life
Rilie PostulkaShe/her/hersCSO
Rob Mitchellhe, hisAssociate Professor
Robin Wilsonshe, her, hersAdministrative Specialist/ Office Manager- Student Health Center
Sara Ann Suwalskishe/herAssoc Director, Reeve Union
Sarah Adelsonshe/her/hersCAPP Program Assistant
Sarah GresleyShe/Her/HersResidence Hall DirectorResidence Life
Sarah Koflershe/her/hersLearning Assistance Coordinator
Sarah Martin Krihashe/her/hersEvent Coordinator, Residence Life Conference Services
Sarah Uramshe/herOffice Manager, Center for Academic Resournces
Sean O'MeliaHe/Him/HisAdmissions Counselor
Sheryl SchulzShe/Her/HersCentral Office ManagerDept. of Residence Life
Somtochukwu OnwuasoanyaPolk 101
Stacy Dreweckshe/her/hersNew Student & Family Programs Manager
Steve BrownHe/HimStrength and Conditioning CoordinatorStudent Rec and Wellness
Stewart Colehe/him/hisAssociate Professor, Department of English and Environmental Studies Program
Sydney BennyShe/Her/HersCustomer Care Specialist at Navitus Health Solutions
Sylvia Dwyershe/her/hersAcademic Advisor & RecruiterOnline & Continuing Education (OCE)
Tanya Schmidtshe/her/hersCounselor/Case Manager
Tatiana MonterrosaShe/HerAssistant Residence Hall Director - Taylor HallDepartment of Residence Life
Taylor ChristensenShe/her/hersNursing Student
Taylor GrissmanShe/Her/HersCNA at UWO Student Health Center
Tera Larsonshe, her, hersOutreach Program Manager
Timothy ArnoldHe/Him/HisAssistant Director - Counseling Center
Tony DirthHe/Him/HisInterim DirectorStudent Recreation and Wellness
Tricia BurnellShe/ Her/ HersNurse Practitioner
Tyler Klaverhe/himOSA Program Advisor
Tyler Volkerthe/him/hisStaff Counselor

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