Faculty Research

Our faculty has research specialties in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and mathematics education.

John Beam: Probability, measure Theory, mathematics education

Jason Belnap: Discourse analysis, classroom discourse, conjecturing, mathematical sophistication

Zoubir Benzaid: Control theory, mathematical modeling

Grady Bullington: Commutative algebra

Christopher Edwards: Sports statistics, discrete math topics

Linda Eroh: Graph theory and combinatorics, especially labeling, coloring, and distance problems in graphs

Jayanthi Ganapathy: Classical harmonic analysis, infinite series, set theory, functional analysis, real and complex analysis

K.L.D. Gunawardena: Decision theory, empirical Bayes theory, statistical quality control, statistics education

Joan Hart: Set theory and its applications to general topology, measure theory, and functional analysis

Syed Kamran Kazmi: Numerical analysis, numerical methods for variational inequities, finite element methods, biomedical imaging, computational finance.

John Koker: Algebra, graph theory

Eric Kuennen: Mathematics education, mathematical behavior and thinking, dynamical systems, applied statistics

Hosien S. Moghadam: combinatorics

Saadat Moussavi: Numerical linear algebra, chaos and fractals

Kandasamy Muthuvel: Real analysis, set theory, set-theoretic topology, goup theory

Amy Parrott: Mathematics education, mathematical ecology

David Penniston: Number theory, arithmetic geometry.

Kenneth Price: Associative and nonassociative rings and algebras

Jennifer SzydlikMathematics education with a focus on fostering mathematical habits of mind

Stephen SzydlikMathematics education, social choice theory, and mathematics and sports

Steven WintersGraph theory

Hong Zhang: Stochastic differential equations



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