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Avenues Outside of McNair

What if . . . 

  • I don’t meet the eligibility requirements? 
  • I know that I am not interested in going to graduate school? 
  • I would not be able to commit to completing the McNair summer research internship? 
  • I will be graduating before August 2023? 

Regardless of whether McNair is right for you, you need to be intentional about getting the most out of your undergraduate experience as it will help you later, both with finding a job and/or getting into graduate school.  


  • Read your e-mail, keeping an eye out for opportunities!  
  • Stay tuned for information from the Student Engagement and Enrichment Opportunities Program (SEEOP). This program, designed to help students who are ineligible for McNair, will launch in the spring of 2023.  
  • Keep your grades up. Use your professor’s office hours, go to CAR, form study groups. Find the major that is right for you. 
  • Make a point of getting to know your professors. Look up their profiles on the departmental web pages. See if they have any publications. Meet with them during their office hours. Demonstrate that you are curious, determined, and reliable. 
  • Try to get an undergraduate research experience. 
  • Talk to faculty you admire about their research. See if you can get involved. 
  • Work in a lab, help with data collection, etc.  
  • Look into collaborative grant funding through the Office for Student Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) under the direction of Dr. Stephen Kercher (317 Dempsey) 
  • Explore possible careers and internships. 
  • Visit UWO Career & Professional Development to learn more about various career paths, to identify possible internships, and to ascertain whether you need a graduate degree to realize your professional goals. 
  • Actively participate in at least one campus organization. Take on a leadership position. 
  • Look for jobs on campus which will not only help you earn money, but also teach you transferable skills and help you establish yourself as reliable. 


Internal Research Opportunities

Table 16: Internships and Educational Activities Available to Participants 

STEM and Sustainability Centers 

Biogas System 

  • Generates up to 10% of campus energy needs 
  • Offers 
  • Student employment 
  • Internships for credit and/or experience 
  • Opportunities for collaborative research in the areas of microbiology and sustainability 

The Environmental Research and Innovation Center (ERIC) 

  • With over $1.4 million in research funding from the EPA, NOAA, and Wisconsin Coastal Management 
  • Provides  
  • Over 55 internships and work experiences in the areas of applied industrial science and the testing of water and compost. 
  • Over 30 paid, hands-on internships at remote lab locations, including Vilas County, Door County, and Manitowoc  
  • Access to research and sampling boat used to monitor many types of ecological water systems 
  • Opportunities for collaborative research 

Sustainable Institute for Regional Transformation (SIRT) 

  • Campus Awards:  
  • Tree Campus USA Certified 
  • National Wildlife Federation, Certified 
  • Monarch Waystation, Certified Fair Trade,  
  • 2022 US Department of Education Green Ribbon Award. (1 of 4) 
  • Connects students with sustainability efforts across our campuses: 
  • Green Fund (over $40,000 in segregated fees set aside annually) offers students the opportunity to take an active role in promoting sustainability on campus by drawing up a research-supported proposal and presenting it to the Green Fund committee which then funds the best proposal ideas 
  • Opportunities for collaborative research and scholarly activities in the area sustainability. Examples include:  
  • Fox Watershed Alliance Research  
  • Bird-window Collisions Project 
  • Community Garden Project 


Social Equity, Civic Engagement, and Policy Research Centers  

Center for Civic and Community Engagement 

  • Connects students with opportunities for engagement and scholarly activities in the community. 
  • Offers paid internships 

LGBTQ+ Center 

  • Offers internships for credit: 
  • Research project on LGBTQIA+ topic 
  • Project that addresses the mission of the Center 

Whitburn Institute for Governance and Policy Research 


  • Brings people together across ideological divides to discover nonpartisan solutions  
  • Shares innovative, research-based knowledge to address pressing needs 
  • Provides internships, student employment, and opportunities for collaborative research 

Wisconsin Institute on Social Equity (WISE) 

  • Brings researchers together from diverse fields to conduct research aimed at enhancing social equity 
  • Provides paid student research assistantships to undergraduates (WISE Fellows) 

Women’s Center 

  • Offers internships related to civic and campus engagement with the goal of fostering and advancing positive and equitable social norms 
External Research Opportunities
UW Madison SROP
Northwester SROP
Michigan State SROP
Big Alliance SROP
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Johns Hopkins SROP
University of Alabama
Pre-Med Students
Physics and Astronomy
Math & Statistics
Biomedical Sciences
Nano Sceince & Engineering
Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Substance Abuse
Physics & Astronomy
Computational Biology
Nano Sceince & Engineering
Life Science
Health Sciences
Conservation Science
Biomedical & Health Science
Behavioral & Social Science
Forest Bioproducts
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Health Sciences
Homeland Security Science & Engineering
Tropical Research
RNA Biology
Chemistry, Engineering, Material Science
Plant Genomics
Experimental Mathematics
Biomedical Engineering
Botany, Ichthyology, Limnology, & Ornithology
Biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering
STEM for Black students