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Find out if McNair is Right for you!

Are you a student with a love of learning and a strong interest in pursuing a master’s or Ph.D.? Are you curious, hard-working, dependable, and able to dedicate a summer to completing an intensive, faculty-mentored research project? YES! Read on to find out if you may qualify for this highly prestigious program.

It is never too early to get started preparing to become a potential scholar! We urge students interested in graduate school and research to meet with their favorite professors and set up their first meeting with McNair staff as early as possible!


Interested in going to graduate school and receiving the benefits that come along with being a McNair scholar? Find out if you meet the eligibility requirements!


The primary goal of the McNair Program is to provide students from populations traditionally underrepresented in higher education with the preparation needed to succeed in graduate school.

McNair scholars are first-generation college students—meaning their parents/caregivers did not receive a four-year bachelor’s degree—from low-income backgrounds and/or Native American, African American, or Latin. Have you answered yes to all of the eligibility requirements and scheduled an appointment with the McNair Director? If so, you may be ready to apply today!

Benefits to Students

Paid summer research internship with housing stipend

Financial support to attend and present research findings at conference


302 Spring Interim Research Essentials Course

Graduate school visits

Guided research with a faculty mentor

Assistance with GRE preparation and graduate school application process

Academic counseling and tutoring

Many valuable seminars and workshops