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Current McNair Scholars


This page is currently being updated…Due to COVID-19 we have not been able to update information in a timely manner. The scholars are working hard on their research projects virtually.

Megan Elger

*2nd Year Participant

Megan wants to enroll in a graduate degree program immediately after she receives her bachelor’s degree. Megan wants to continue doing research  and open up a non profit business to help with social support services.

Major: Communications
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Hartford, WI

Matthew Frisch

Matt would like to pursue a PhD in his educational journey. After graduation from a professional degree Matt hopes to develop and design emerging technologies. He will be working with Dr. Stojilovic to gain a better understanding of nanofibers and how they function.

Major: Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering  Minor: Computer Science
Graduation Date: Dec 2025

Hometown: Rio, WI


Janaya Godfrey

Janaya would like to be a policy analyst in the field of criminal justice. She aspires to go to law school and receive a JD or obtain a PhD.

Major: Criminal Justice Minor: Political Science & African American Studies
Graduation Date: Dec 2020
Hometown: Fond du Lac, WI


Bryce Herlache

Bryce plans to become a strength and conditioning coach with a potential in teaching. Bryce plans to get his masters degree immediately after graduation.

Major: Kinesiology 
Graduation Date: Dec 2021
Hometown: Greenleaf, WI


Amanda Martinez

Amanda will obtain a Master of Social Work after she is done with her undergraduate degree. She is interested in supporting youth through challenges in their life. Amanda will work with Dr. Bohr to examine the relationship between participation in pre-college programs and academic performance in college.

Major: Social Work Minor: Spanish & Social Justice
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: New London, WI



Dorothy Mitchell

With hopes of becoming a pediatrician Dorothy will enroll in graduate school after she graduates. Dorothy will be working with Dr. Kedrowski exploring laboratory procedures that will allow for polymers to be more sustainably produced.

Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology 
Graduation Date: Dec 2021
Hometown: Phoenix, IL


Raiden Montero

Raiden will work with Dr. Jansinski to understand the role the emperor’s divinity has historically played in Japan’s social hierarchy and what that means for the country in the 21st century. Raiden plans to get his PhD in Japanese history to become a professor in Japan.

Major: Japanese & History Minor: Spainsh
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Gridley, CA


Nick Morrissey

Nick is working with Professor Michael Van Esler understand the connection between Metamonderism and new digital art forms such vaporwave. After receiving a masters degree nick plans to work in a museum.

Major: Radio, Tv, Film
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Weston, WI


Jessica Plascencia

Jessica eventually wants to earn a Juris Doctor degree which will allow here to provide service and support to the undocumented populations. Jessica is researching the phonological similarity effect in bilingual speakers.

Major: Psychology & Spanish Minor: Social Justice
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Green Bay, WI


Brianna Roberts

With a goal to be come an athletic trainer Brianna wants to help youth or college level athletes. As of right now Brianna is examining the connection between football helmet design and concussions.

Major: Kinesiology
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI


Karely Rodriguez Jimenez

Currently, Karely is unsure on what she wants to do after she graduates with her Bachelor degree. However, she does plan to continue her education and get a master degree. McNair will guide her in the right direction on what she plans to do next.

Major: Psychology Minor: Spanish
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Rice Lake, WI


Sydney Schmidt

Sydney plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology once she graduates from her master’s degree. Currently she is researching students on the autism spectrum and how they are coping within a less structured environment such as college with Dr. Aggie Hanni.

Major: Psychology Minor: Spanish
Graduation Date: May 2021
Hometown: Kaukauna, WI


Stacey Sparks

*2nd Year Participant

Stacey aspires to be a professor at the collegiate level. Stacey can also see herself teaching English Secondary Ed in a High School, with a potential look at administration.

Major: English Secondary Education
Graduation Date: May 2022
Hometown: Neenah, WI


Mylo Wilkins

Mylo hopes to give back what was given to him by assisting students who want to do research and having a career in the scientific field researching various topics. Mylo is working with Dr. Eric Matson to understand the role microorganisms play in gut ecology of termites.

Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry
Graduation Date: Dec 2020
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI