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The Management Information Office (MIO) is the student-staffed residential computing office for the Department of Residence Life (ResLife) at UW Oshkosh. The MIO is made up of around 30 students including an office for Graphic Artists. MIO itself is made up of two main functional teams: Computer Technicians and Programmers.

Staff Profiles

Supervisors and Administrators

Joseph Kerkhof – Programmer  & Web App Developer Supervisor

Liz Bannenberg – Technician Supervisor

Brandon Heise – Portal Program Management

Eamon Bauman – Systems Administrator


Derek Havlovick – Lead Technician

Chase Young – Certified Technician

Kenneth Ohene-Adu – Recruit Technician

Christopher Schwartz – Recruit Technician

Erik Freiberg – Recruit Technician



Jonathan Ly – Portal Manager

Sean Mitchell – Database Administrator

Tyler Bates – Lead Programmer

Julianne O’Connell – Programmer

Zachary Schmall – Programmer

Justin Espiritu – Programmer

John Kasper – Programmer

Ethan Latus – Programmer

Andrew Wrege – Programmer

Nathan Ahnert – Programmer

Tariq Anjum – Programmer

Website Development

Sara Tabitha Mayhew – Web Application Developer