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What We Do

Mission Statement:
“To enable the employees of the Department of Residence Life and the students living in the residence halls to make effective use of their computer resources. To do this, the MIO will strive to consistently provide quality programming, training, and technical support.”

MIO was created in 1984 to provide computer services to the staff and students under the umbrella of Residence Life and the division of Student Affairs. In 1996, the ResNet network was created to provide Internet access to students in their own room. At first it was perceived as a communication tool for advanced computer users and hobbyists. Since then, it has grown into a network that connects 3000+ students, 4500+ devices and 95% of the rooms in the residence halls.

We are responsible for:

  • 250 department-owned workstations throughout 10 buildings
  • 3000+ ResNet connections
  • 9 computer labs
  • 20 integrated databases
  • The MIO data center
  • Miscellaneous computing needs for the Gruenhagen Conference Center year round


  • Provide quality Internet service to the student and staff members living in the residence halls.
  • Support all of computing needs of the Residence Life’s staff members, including hardware and software.
  • Maintain a computer lab in each hall, with up to date equipment and software, in a comfortable and quiet environment.
  • Provide quality web applications for both the students that live in the residence halls as well as staff members.


Why we’re proud:

Our model gives students access to hands-on experience in the areas of desktop support, database administration, web applications, server administration, multimedia development, and management of campus networks. No other technical unit of the University has technical competencies in all of these areas. Our “residential computing” manages more aspects of IT than any other housing-based IT operation in the UW system. Our EBI stats in technology are above average. Our biggest challenge and source of innovation is the turnover rate caused by incoming and outgoing students. In spite of this challenge, we’ve managed to do quite well over the last 25 years.

Our successes include:

  • A rapid registration and data management system for the residential network.
  • A database-driven facilities management maintenance request system
  • The first and only highly customized database-driven student portal made by our own student programmers (
  • A very stable network management implementation and data center with over 100 servers and multiple data stores.
  • A consistent and professional student-based support model.
  • Our program is recognized by the College of Business Internship Program as well as the Computer Science Internship Program because it gives students real-world, long-term, and hands-on experience that an “off-campus, short-term internship” can’t provide.
  • The MIO’s lead group is a student based advisory team responsible for the implementation of policies, planning, purchasing and installation. No other IT team or department gives students this much say in their strategic planning.