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Here is a list of common questions asked to MIO. If you have any questions after reading them please contact us at 920.424.0863 or at

What is the white box I have in my dorm room? How do I use it?

The white box in your dorm room is called a switch. A switch is used to split your wired internet connection in your room so you can have multiple devices connected to the wired connection. A switch, although it looks very similar to a wireless router, is not a wireless router. 

With the switch, you should have received a power cord and an Ethernet cable; we only provide one Ethernet cable per room. First plug in the power cord to the switch and attach it to a power outlet. Next, plug in your Ethernet cable to any open port on the back of the switch and t plug the other end to the ethernet port in your room. To use the wired connection with your device you will need another ethernet cord plugged in from your device to an open port on the switch.

What is my data limit?

The current data policy is that excessive data usage is not permitted. If you are found using excessive amounts of data, your account will be suspended from the wired internet connection for exactly 48 hours from the moment you were suspended. For the complete policy regarding data usage click here.

What is the university’s policy about wireless routers?

The current policy does not allow residents to have routers in the residence halls. The reason for this is that multiple wireless routers can interfere with each other causing connection problems for residents. For more detailed information click here.

What is the difference between malware and a virus?

Check out the explanation here.

How do I stay safe on the internet?

Check out our advice on Internet Safety!

How can I be more green and sustainable?

Good question. There are many ways for you to be more energy-conservative that will not only help the Earth, but your wallet as well. Go to our Sustainability page or follow us on Twitter/Facebook for new ideas and methods.

Who do I contact if I am having troubles with my Net-ID? (Login into D2L, Wireless, MyUWO portal, Academic Buildings Computer labs)

If you have any problem with your Net-ID, call the Campus Help Desk at (920)-424-3020.

What is the difference between the Campus Help Desk and MIO?

The main difference between MIO and the Campus Help Desk is that MIO supports residents in the residence halls, and the Campus Help Desk is for the academic buildings on campus.

Services offered by MIO: 920.424.0863

Connecting to the internet in your residence hall

1. Connecting to the internet in your residence hall
2. Virus Removal
3. Printing through Pharos
4. Card Access (While we manage this system, they should contact their RHD with issues)
5. Computer Labs in Residence Halls
6. MyUWO Portal

Services offered by the Campus Help Desk: (920)-424-3020

1. Net ID
2. Titan Web
3. Titan Apps
4. D2L
5. Computer Labs in Academic Buildings


Where are you located?

      • MIO is located in South Gruenhagen room 103. When entering Gruenhagen ask the front desk where MIO is and they can guide you.

What are the Residence Halls’ Computer Labs hours?

      • The current Residence Hall computer lab hours are from 8 AM to Midnight.

Why can’t I get into my building with my Titan ID?

      • If you just got your Titan ID, give it 15 minutes. If it has worked previously and no longer works, please contact your RHD


When installing Pharos on Windows I get an error half way through install. How do I Fix this?

This is a common problem and it might be caused from failed installs in the past or permission problems. If Pharos has already been installed, go to the printer under “Devices and Printers” then select “See what’s printing”. If there are jobs then delete all of the jobs then uninstall the printer. Try right clicking on the installer for Pharos and run as an Administrator. If the install still fails make sure that all files related to Pharos are deleted. If installation fails after these steps call MIO at (920)-424-0863.

I cannot log into Titan WiFi

Titan WiFi requires you to login with your NetID. The most common problem is that your NetID is locked; this mostly happens because of too many failed attempts to login. To make sure it is your NetID try to login to D2L. If you are able to login properly, then the problem is not your NetID. If you are unable to login to D2L as well, please contact the Campus Help Desk at (920)-424-3020.

If it isn’t a NetID issue, then the resolution may be as simple as deleting Titan WiFi wireless network from your Wireless networks and then re-adding it. If you still have problems call MIO at (920)-424-0863 for help.