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Things You Should Know 

Every year students like to prepare for the upcoming school year. Here is a list of the basics here at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Things You Should Know To Succeed

  • Remember all your usernames
  • ID# – Located on Titan Card in yellow

  • NetID – First 5 letters of your last name, first letter of first name, last two digits of ID# (typically)
  • School Email – (NetID) || example:
  • Titan Web – W(ID#) || example: W0123456
  • Remember all your passwords (every username has different passwords, unless you set them the same)
  • Utilize the computer labs in your residence hall and academic buildings
  • There are usually student discounts for most software and hardware. A great place for software is WISC Software.

Services Offered

    • Printing in Residence Halls, Academic buildings, Library.
    • Free Anti-Virus
    • Free virus/malware removal
    • Support connecting to the wireless

Devices that don’t work on our campus network for internet access

Streaming Devices

    • Roku 1, 2
    • Roku Stick
    • Chromecast
    • Amazon Fire TV Stick

Gaming Consoles

Buying a Computer

Buying a computer for college can be both fun and daunting. There are so many computers out there so how do you know what to buy. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself before buying a computer.

    • Is it in my budget? Sometimes you can’t afford the best right away, and that’s ok.
    • Does it have good ratings? Looking at reviews is a good way to see what other people think about the computer.
    • Do I want it to be portable? If you want your computer to be portable you should consider how big of a backpack you will need to fit it in. Also consider the possibility of having a lot of books + your computer in your backpack all day.
    • Will it work with my other devices? Sometimes you have other devices such as tablets and smartphones that are more compatible with some computers compared to others. Consider what computer will support all/most of those needs.
    • Do I see myself with this computer for 2+ years? A lot of times your first computer is a long term investment, make sure it is worth the time you expect to be using it for.