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Getting Started – For Residents

This page includes information for residents to be aware of before they move into their residence hall. There are also instructions for students in general on the IT website.

Before you arrive to campus


Device Compatibility

Before buying all the newest products in home technology that connect via wireless network, check out our Device Compatibility list. A lot of items that may work at home do not work with the campus network. This is for your safety. If we had open networks, anyone could get onto your device, not just you.


In order to watch cable on campus, your TV will need to have a digital tuner. Most products will say this on the box, but always ask if you are unsure. Televisions without a digital tuner will not work at all to get cable.

Some Smart TVs work, and some don’t, the Device Compatibility page has a list of known Smart TVs that have issues connecting to our wired network.

TV and Internet (Ethernet) Cables

You’ll need to bring these or purchase them once you are here. In most rooms, an internet switch, which splits the 1 data jack in the room into 4,  will be provided but the internet cable with the switch should only be used to connect the switch to the wall. Television cables are not provided to connect your TV, they will need to be purchased.

Routers and Wireless Printers

These devices are not allowed in your residence halls. These devices disrupt the ability for others in your hall to access Titan WiFi, the campus wireless network. Each residence hall has a printer located at the front desk that is available for use with your allocated printing funds. Be kind to your neighbors and leave the routers at home and the wireless printers connected via USB.


After you arrive to campus


Connecting to Titan WiFi

Titan WiFi is the name for wireless internet access here at UW Oshkosh. All students can check out our KnowledgeBase articles on connecting various devices to Titan WiFi.

Register ethernet-connected devices

Devices that will be connected with an ethernet cable will need to be register through the Device Manager portal module in the Utilities module group. Instructions for finding the MAC address required for these devices is available on our Registering a Device page. If you need an ethernet cable, they can be purchased from the GCC front desk.

Connecting your ethernet switch

Ethernet switches are in rooms that only have one data jack. These are used to split the single connection into multiple connections. For instructions on setting up the switch check out our Using Your Switch setup.

Installing print queues

In order to print from your personal device to the printers in your hall and the campus computer labs, you will need to follow the instructions to install the print queues from

Cable TV

With your television that has a digital tuner, you will need to scan for channels once you have your television plugged in with a coax cable. The instructions for how to scan for channels should come with your television or be available on the manufacturer’s website.

Getting assistance

Use the form to receive assistance or contact the UW Oshkosh Help Desk to set up an appointment (920)-424-3020 or

Contact ResNet Support

If you’re having issues with technology in your room, please contact us.