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MIO offers printing from the residents personal computers as well residence halls computer labs.

Printing in Residence Hall Computer Labs

     In order to print from a residence hall computer click print and make sure the appropriate printer is selected.

  • If Windows the printer is called ResLife

  • If Mac OS  the printer is called Pharos

Printing from a Personal Computer

Before you can print from a personal computer.

  1. Login to the MyUWO Portal using your NetID username and password. The ResNet Software module provides a download link to our printing software. This module should be installed by default. If not, click add module at bottom of page and add ResNet Software module.
  2. On the ResNet Software module click on the printing tab, download and install the appropriate version for your computer.

3. After downloading and installing restart your computer.
If an error occurs during installation please refer to the FAQ.

4. After this step you should be able to see a new printer installed either called ResLife of Pharos.

If you have any questions call MIO at 920.424.0863

Pharos Printing Features

  • Mobile Printing: Print via email to any campus print station.
    • Send an email from your Titan Apps email (ending to
    • This accepts up to 10 attachments in the email.
    • If the text is longer than 100 characters it will process the text as a print job as well.
  • My Print Center: Review your print jobs before printing.
    • Allows you to modify your print jobs (especially mobile print jobs) before you print them.

Upload Documents. Note the requirements.

See pending documents and cost of print job.

See how much money you have left.

Change some settings before printing. (only supported for emailed or uploaded documents)

See your account activity.