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ResNet is short for Residential Network. This is how computers, gaming consoles and other devices can get access to the in-room wired internet connection managed by MIO since 1996.

Computer Requirements

All computers connecting to ResNet must have a self-updating antivirus program. MIO offers a free solution on the MyUWO Portal under the ResNet Software Module.

Minimum Windows Requirements

The minimum supported operating system is Windows 7.  We also provide support for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.  Any operating systems older than Windows 7 are neither supported nor recommended for use.  These devices may be able to register, however, if problems occur, MIO will not be able to provide support.

Minimum OSX Requirements

The minimum supported OSX operating system is 10.9 (Mavericks).  Again, while older versions may be able to connect, they will not be supported should problems arise.


It is possible to connect other operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, however no support from MIO will be provided.

It is also possible to connect gaming consoles to the network, however support for them is also limited. We cannot guarantee that all games or services will work.  Make sure to check to see if the content works before paying for a subscription. To connect these devices please use our portal and have the MAC or physical address ready to enter.  For information on getting the MAC address from your console visit the this page.


Connect your device to the white switch provided to you on move in day. (Note: Make sure that it is plugged in to the power and than an ethernet cable is plugged into the ethernet jack in your room)

  1. Open up a browser (i.e. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
  2. You will automatically be redirected to MyUWO Portal. Log in with your NetID.
  3. After log in, the ResNet policies will pop up, please read them and then click “I agree”
  4. Click “Add Device”
  5. Select which device you want to add.
  6. Select the operating system you are using.
  7. Then add the MAC address (instructions given for different devices)
  8. Add your device.
  9. Then restart your device. Without doing so your device will not try to get a new IP address.

For Video Help Click Here

If you have any questions or need help call MIO at 920.424.0863



Connecting two or more devices to ResNet

With the exception of Taylor Hall (three data jacks), there is only one data jack per room. Each room is provided with a data switch, which will allow for both roommates to connect to ResNet. Routers are prohibited in the resident halls, including wireless routers even if only used as a switch. To read our policies about switches look at our Policies page

Copyright Information 

The University will follow up on all copyright complaints received and forward the required data to the proper authorities. See the ResNet Copyright Policy for more information.

Recommended Software

MIO recommends that all computer users install not only a self-updating anti-virus program but also an anti-malware program. We offer and support an anti-virus program called Symantec Endpoint Protection which is downloadable through the MyUWO Portal. MIO also recommends for Windows users downloading MalwareBytes to run malware scans if you suspect your computer is infected. Other Anti-Virus solutions include: NortonAVGKasperskyMcAfee,
AvastTrend MicroAvira, and many more.*


*Note that we do not support or endorse any of the listed products, they are listed for your convenience.