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Apple TV

This article will show you how to connect your Apple TV to Titan WiFi

Apple TV

To connect an Apple TV to Titan Wifi you will need:

  • An Apple Computer running OS X Lion v10.7.2 or higher that can connect to Titan WiFi
  • The latest Apple Configurator Installed on Apple Computer
  • A Micro-USB Cable
  • An Apple TV 2nd or 3rd Generation up-to-date
  • An Ethernet Cable
  • A HDMI Cable hooked up to a TV

Step-Step Instructions


1. On your Mac make sure you have logged onto Titan WiFi before.

2. Go to Spotlight on the top-right and search for Keychain Access.

3. In Keychain Access make sure your login Keychain is highlighted and the certificates category is highlighted.

4. Locate three certificates:, GeoTrust Global CA, & RapidSSL SHA256 CA -G3

5. Right Click each of them SEPARATELY and export to a location (desktop is a great place).

6. After that make sure you have your Apple TV hooked up to the Ethernet Cable and registered to MyUWO Portal. Make sure that your Apple TV is up-to-date.

7. Plug-in your Apple TV to your Mac and start Apple Configurator. It should automatically pop-up with the Apple TV Configurator screen.

  • Don’t Enroll

  • Don’t Install

8. Create New Profile

9. Go to the Certificates tab and add both of the Certificates you saved earlier.

10. Go to the Wi-Fi tab and add Titan WiFi. Make sure it looks exactly as it does below.

  • SSID= Titan WiFi
  • Security Type= WPA/WPA 2 Enterprise
  • Protocols= PEAP
  • username is your NetID (what you use for D2L)
  • Password is your NetID Password (Password that you use for D2L)
  • Outer Identity is your NetID (what you use for D2L)

11. Now click the Trust Tab

12. Check all three of the certificates as trusted

13. Select the Profile and click next.

14. Select Configure

15. Follow the instructions

If you this you should have successfully configured Titan WiFi.

On your Apple TV go to your settings and AirPlay, make sure you setup a passcode so your device is more secure on the network. Check out Apples Instructions here.