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Windows 8 

This article will show you how to connect your Windows 8 device to Titan WiFi

1. Move down to the top/bottom corner (shows the charm bar by default) and click on the settings icon.

2. When the charm bar open up, then move to the bottom of it and click on the network icon (should be top left icon of the bottom section).

3. You will see a list of network options to choose from.

4. Find and click on TitanWifi and then click connect.

5. You will get a prompt to put in your credentials such as your NetID username and password. Just put in your information and then click OK to continue to the next following step.

6. Make sure that you are accessing TitanWifi and click connect.

7. You will get a message saying “verifying and connecting” and…

8. You are connected and have full access to Titan WiFi.