Tamara Kazmierczak

String Faculty

Although an accomplished performing harpist and teacher for more than 25 years, Tammy is most proud of her three kids and the hundreds of students she has taught one-on-one through the decades. She holds a fierce belief that everyone of any age can and should become inspired and connected to music for the rest of their lives. Her boundless energy and endless drive have resulted in prolific output throughout her life, and are contagious to all she meets. She sees herself as the Harp Huntress, because if someone so much as glances at a harp, Tammy will have them taking lessons and performing in no time. In addition to her role as the Harp Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Tammy offers private and group harp lessons.

Besides teaching, Tammy is especially excited about the new field of healthcare service music offering the benefits of live therapeutic harp in the hospital setting. Recently certified as a Harp Therapist through Bedside HarpÒ she plays on small and mobile therapy harp offering recipients comfort, hope, relaxation and release of emotions wherever they may be – in a chair, in bed, on a gurney, in a hospital room, in a hallway, or in a waiting area – and is excited to offer this new service and integrating this complementary therapy to the region. If not out on a gig, you can probably find Tammy in the middle of one of her many recording projects with various collaborators and producing more music books and CDs (watercolorharps.com). Her latest recording project is called “Serenata” featuring exquisite harp and violin melodies from around the world.

A native of Chicago, Tammy trained under the great orchestral harpists, beginning study of organ and piano at the age of three. As a teen she toured abroad with the Chicago Youth Symphony, spent summers at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan, and studied harp performance, production, and music business, graduating with a B.A. in Music Business from DePaul University, Chicago.  She continues to stay current by attending, performing and teaching at annual harp festivals, conferences and events alongside the best harp teachers, performers and innovators in the field from around the world. Tammy’s broad musical interests and experience with all genres will infuse students of every stripe, whether strictly classical or more contemporary and has a large collection of harps ranging from several styles of lap to lever to pedal harps regularly showcasing them with students and colleagues. Tammy offers lessons, recitals, ensemble playing, and performance and recording opportunities for her students, as well as musical field trips, group lessons, workshops and masterclasses. Please visit her website at 46strings.com.