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Titan Takeoff 
Adventure Retreats

Join us on a Titan Takeoff Adventure Retreat!

Aug. 23 | Aug. 25 | Aug. 27 | Aug. 31

Registration opens soon

Titan Takeoff Outdoor Retreats are designed for new incoming students. Get a head start on making friends, building relationships with staff and professors and connecting with campus and the Oshkosh community as you begin your college career.

“I’m an out-of-state student who really took a leap of faith coming to Oshkosh. Going on the trip made college seem not as scary.”

– Sierra Kowalski, Rockford, Illinois

“This trip really helped with my transfer into UWO. It gave me a group of friends that share interests with me and have my back when I need them.”

Hannan Seguin, Appleton, Wisconsin

New Student and Family Programs

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