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Titan Takeoff

Hello Titan! We can’t wait to see you during your upcoming Titan Takeoff session. To prepare for Titan Takeoff, you must complete all of the following steps at least five days before your assigned Titan Takeoff date.

STEP 1 | Sign your Financial Agreement

If you do not sign your financial agreement, you CAN’T register for classes during your Titan Takeoff session. Each student has a to-do list found on their TitanWeb Student Center. One of the to-do items requires students to sign a financial agreement, which lays out the financial responsibilities related to enrollment.

STEP 2 | Major and Minor Planning

Review the academic advising materials available below prior to accessing your Pre-Advising Course.  In addition to reviewing the materials for new first-year students, you should review the materials for your specific academic college.  Check out the major/minor list to learn which major is part of each academic college.

STEP 3 | Complete Placement Testing

To register for math, English and language courses at Titan Takeoff you need to complete your placement testing prior to your Titan Takeoff session. Do not cancel your Titan Takeoff session if you have not completed your placement testing.

Learn more about placement testing

STEP 4 | Pre-Advising Course and Worksheet

It is essential to complete this step five days prior to your Titan Takeoff date. Complete the online pre-advising course (linked below) and worksheet.  Upon completion of the course, you will be redirected to the worksheet for completion.

As part of this course, you will complete a form that will help your academic advisor prepare for your appointment. You will need to know any CAPP, AP or other college credits that you may have earned or plan on earning before Fall 2021, along with your intended major and student ID number. You may pause and resume this course as needed. Each time you log in, the course will begin where you previously left off.

Students, your Pre-Advising course is accessible using your UW Oshkosh NetID and password.  Your NetID is the beginning of your UW Oshkosh email address (everything before the If you no longer know your password, please contact our IT Help Desk at or (920) 424-3020 to request a password reset.

STEP 5 | Sign up for a campus tour (optional)

Students and their families have the opportunity to take a guided tour while they are on campus for Titan Takeoff.

Tour start times

P.M. Titan Takeoff Session: Tour begins at 11 a.m., prior to Titan Takeoff.
A.M. Titan Takeoff Session: Tour begins at noon, after Titan Takeoff.

Info for Virtual Titan Takeoff

If you are attending Titan Takeoff virtually on June 2 

You will need to submit a photo of yourself to use for your TitanCard, which serves as your official UWO student ID.

The $20 TitanCard fee will be billed to your student account and the ID will be mailed to the address you provided with your submitted photo.

This step is only intended for students
attending Titan Takeoff virtually.

If you prefer to have your TitanCard photo taken in person, stop by Titan Central, located in Reeve Union, during regular business hours. Please bring a government-issued form of ID and $20 to complete the transaction.

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