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Simulation Training Center
Clow Hall, Suite C120

Simulation Facilities

Simulation Suites

The Simulation Training Center has four simulation suites flexibly designed to accommodate training in medical/surgical acute care, emergency room, trauma bay, obstetrics, operating room, clinic and home environments. Each space is designed to be realistic yet adaptable in response to the ever-changing world of healthcare.

Debriefing Rooms

Three debriefing rooms are available for users to review recorded footage and to analyze and discuss each simulation experience. Tables and chairs are available for groups to take notes, use laptop computers or host small group meetings.

Surgical Simulation Center
Operating Room (OR)

The Surgical Simulation Center provides users a safe and supportive environment where OR skills may be developed and perfected before interacting with live patients in a clinical setting.

OR simulation modalities:

Adult, obstetric and pediatric human patient simulators capable of anesthesia care

Anesthesia machine

  • Machine check
  • Anesthesia delivery
  • Failure and malfunction

Biological models

  • Percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Interosseous and spinal injections

Live adult, pediatric and geriatric patients

Task trainers

  • Spinal, epidural and caudal injections
  • Airway management
    – Normal
    – Difficult
  • Infant, pediatric and adult intubation
    – Standard technique
    – Videoscope
    – Flexible fiberoptic
    – One-lung ventilation

Ultrasonography models and phantoms

  • Nerve blockade
  • IV cannulation
  • Central line cannulation

Graduate Laboratory

The graduate laboratory replicates a primary care clinic, providing users with individual exam rooms containing exam tables, oto/ophthalmoscopes, a computer, and other standard supplies and equipment. The lab also features a small diagnostic lab for users to practice using a microscope and other specific diagnostic tests that primary care providers perform in a clinic setting.

There is an additional open-concept teaching area comprising 10 exam stations to practice primary care health assessments in a group setting. The teaching area includes seating and tables; partial-task trainers to practice suturing, punch biopsies and other technical skills; and a projection screen and audiovisual system for supplemental teaching and demonstrations.

Elmer Leach Learning Lab

In the learning lab, users benefit from low-fidelity procedural and partial task trainers to practice basic health assessments and other hands-on nursing skills such as medication administration, injections, inserting IVs and catheters, and suctioning. Equipment in the learning lab replicates that which is used in modern healthcare facilities. Limited equipment and supplies also are available for users to check out and practice outside of simulation exercises.

Telehealth Room

Telehealth room facilitates training in a broader scope of remote clinical services encompassing Telemedicine and rural health and also nonclinical services like provider training, health administration, public health and continuing medical education. The Telehealth room features videoconferencing, streaming media and telecommunications technology to support two-way, interactive communication between patient and provider.

Simulation Training Center

College of Nursing
Clow Suite 120
805 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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