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You can finish your Associate Degree at UW Oshkosh!

Whether you want to complete your degree by attending classes on campus in Oshkosh, off-site or online, UW Oshkosh has solutions for you. The Graduation Project staff will offer advice about the best way to come back to school and finish your Associate Degree at UW Oshkosh. We will connect you with helpful people and the programs you need.

To earn your associate degree, you must complete all of the following requirements. Speak with the Graduation Project advisor to get additional details and options for each of the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 60 credits
  2. A grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher.
  3. Specific course work completed:
    1. 9 Credits of writing (a specific list of English classes courses is available)
    2. 3 Credits of Math/PBIS (a specific list of math courses is available)
    3. 3 Credits from Communications 111
    4. 2 Credits from Kinesiology 105
  4. Coursework from the approved University Studies Program (general education courses) (a specific list of courses is available)

Getting Started as an Associate Degree Student

Speak to a Graduation Project advisor today to get step-by-step help on the application process. To finish your Associate Degree at UW Oshkosh, you will need to apply for re-admission. You may register as a new user and use the electronic application.

In the “reason for applying” field, choose undergraduate degree. In the “applying as” field, choose apply as a re-entry student.When asked to choose a major, choose Interdisciplinary Studies then choose Associate of Arts (AA). Note: there is no application fee as a re-entry student.

Did you attend a different institution since attending UW Oshkosh?

We need official transcripts sent to UW Oshkosh. Contact your previous school(s) and send them to us at:

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh-Admissions Office
PO Box 2423
Oshkosh, WI 54903-2423

For More Information…

For more information, contact Laurie Ahrens, graduation project coordinator, at (920) 424-4474. You can also request more information by filling out our prospective student form for the Graduation Project. We’ll connect with you shortly!