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Graduation Project

Ready to finish your degree? Start here!

Whether you want to complete your degree by attending classes on campus, at a different institution or online, UW Oshkosh has solutions for you. The Graduation Project staff will offer advice about the best way to finish your degree.

We connect returning adult students with helpful people and the programs they need to complete their degrees. The Graduation Project listens to your interests and needs and strives to match you with appropriate support services.

Apply for Re-Admission

To come back to UW Oshkosh, you will need to apply for re-admission using the electronic application. In the section that says “apply as” choose the “re-entry” blank.

The $50 application fee is waived for Graduation Project students!

Students who left UW Oshkosh and did not attend another college or university will be readmitted based on their UW Oshkosh grade point average. If you have concerns about your grade point average or if you left under suspension, we will work with you to help you appeal and apply to be re-admitted.

Learn about Financial Aid Options

Tuition and fees vary for on campus and online programs. Graduation Project students are eligible to apply for financial aid. Your Graduation Project advisor will connect you with a specialist from the Financial Aid Office. After assessing the number of remaining credits you have to take, the Graduation Project advisor can also give you an estimate of how much it will cost to complete your degree.

Transfer Credits

If you attended a different college or university after leaving UW Oshkosh, you will need to have your credits evaluated for transfer. Contact the Registrar’s Office of any institutions where you have taken classes and request that your transcripts be sent to the UW Oshkosh Admissions Office.

Admissions Office
P.O. Box 2423
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Academic Amnesty

The academic amnesty policy was created to allow students to appeal one or more semesters of poor grades. It is available to students who have stopped out from the University for five years or more.Under UW Oshkosh’s academic amnesty policy, you may be able to exclude some of your prior grades to help raise your grade point average.

Applying for Academic Amnesty: Students must apply for academic amnesty at the time they re-enter the University. It is a one-time policy for transfer and re-entering students. Students who are admissible to the University are eligible to apply for amnesty no later than the end of their first semester at UW Oshkosh. Click here to view the UW Oshkosh Academic Amnesty Policy. If you want more information on the Academic Amnesty policy, contact the Graduation Project at (920) 424-0496 or

Finishing your degree at another college or university

You can finish your UW Oshkosh degree at another school as long as at least 15 of your last 30 credits are taken at UW Oshkosh. To graduate, you will work with the Graduation Project to determine courses you can take at a different school that will satisfy your remaining UW Oshkosh course requirements. Those courses will transfer in, and you can apply for graduation at UW Oshkosh.

If you are interested in this option, please contact the Graduation Project at (920) 424-0496 or to verify your final course requirements and find out how you can fulfill them.

Appealing Suspension

If you were suspended for poor academic performance you can still return to school. You may appeal your suspension and apply to be re-admitted. In order to be formally considered for reentry, a student must provide evidence that the problems leading up to suspension have been resolved and that he or she is now prepared to be successful at UW Oshkosh.

If you were suspended, you can come back and achieve your degree, and the Graduation Project can help. To get the forms or talk more about appealing your suspension, contact the Graduation Project at (920) 424-0496 or