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Human Services Leadership Online

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to start the major, students must meet one of the two following requirements:

Have at least 30 earned credits with a 2.5 GPA. OR Have one of the approved associate degrees from a Wisconsin Technical College with a 2.75 GPA


Organizational-Administration_260x130 Visit our Admissions page for more information on how to apply to the University.

Students who wish to enter the program who have not met one of these two admissions requirements can still apply for the program. These students will be “pre-admitteded” until they have earned 30 credits. These students typically earn these credits while completing their general education courses online.

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Students with an approved applied associate degree transfer up to a 45 credit block plus any applicable general education courses. Most students transfer between 60 and 90 credits.

Contact the Human Services Leadership advisor to see how your credits transfer. You can fill out our prospective student form or contact Jennifer Jensen directly at (920) 424-0496 or


Jennifer Jensen
(920) 424-0496