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Leadership and Organizational Studies

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from the online Leadership and Organizational Studies program gain the knowledge and skills they need in order to become leaders within complex organizations.

Learning outcomes are supported by the curriculum and course instruction.

The six learning outcomes for the online Leadership and Organizational Studies program are:

  • Be able to understand and apply theoretical concepts of leadership and conflict resolution to workplace organizational situations.
  • Be able to grasp selected theories and practices of organizational administration.
  • Be able to understand the impact of diversity in the workplace and the ability to appreciate diverse perspectives in organizational settings.
  • Be able to understand the research process and ability to take a problem from inquiry and data gathering, through analysis and solution identification, to formal presentation.
  • Be able to apply new found knowledge and competencies in critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making to the current work environment.
  • Be able to apply basic self-directed lifelong learning skills, i.e. oral, written and computational skills to current work environment.

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