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Liberal Studies

Learning Outcomes

Organizational-Administration_260x130Liberal Studies graduates work in a variety of fields and in different levels of leadership. Therefore the learning objectives for this program are broad enough that students can apply lessons learned in their workplace as well as improve their career potential, no matter what discipline within which they work.

Learning outcomes are supported by the curriculum and course instruction.

The seven learning outcomes for the online Liberal Studies program are: 

  • Be able to apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge to lived experience in community, career, and personal contexts.
  • Be able to express one’s ideas clearly and effectively to a variety of audiences, both orally and in writing.
  • Be able to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines to assess and develop decision-making ability.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of contemporary national and global issues.
  • Be able to demonstrate competence in capacities for self-directed lifelong learning.
  • Be able to interact effectively with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
  • Be able to identify and articulate one’s own values and make decisions consistent with them.

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