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Download the 2021 presentations!

Many of the presenters from the 2021 Symposium were gracious enough to provide their presentations for our website.

To view the program descriptions, download the 2021 Symposium booklet.

Keynote Developmental Relationships: Creating Connections That Help Youth Thrive Presentation
1 Helping Students Develop Self-Management Practices for Responsible Health Behaviors (Track 1) Presentation
2 Engaging Families: A Relationship-Based Approach (Track 2) Presentation
3 Positive Mental Health in a Pandemic (Track 3) Presentation
Keynote Deborah Tackmann: Recognition, Reflections and Future Insights Presentation
4 Using Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Teen Wellness (Track 1) Presentation
5 Wisconsin Children’s Mental Health Resource Navigator: Introducing an Online Tool (Track 2) Presentation
6 The Power of Profiles: Developing a Deep Understanding of Self (Track 3) Presentation
7 Bridging the Gap: Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care (Track 1) Presentation
8 From “If” to “How”: Working with “I Can’t” or “I Won’t” (Track 2) Presentation
9 Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness (Track 3) Presentation
10 Suicide Prevention during a Pandemic: Working in a matrix (Track 1) Presentation
11 Empowering Adolescent Patients: A PATCH for Providers Workshop (Track 2) Presentation
12 Resilience Inward and Out for our Educators: Helping our youth not just bounce back, but thrive (Track 3) Presentation
Keynote In Search of Balance: Rediscovering Interaction During Times of Disconnection Presentation
13 ANTs: How to take control of the picnic inside your head (Track 1) Presentation
14 Deepening Connections in the Lives of Our Adolescents (Track 2) Presentation
15 Building Youth Resilience Through Brain Science (Track 3) Presentation
16 Repeat Session: ANTs: How to take control of the picnic inside your head (Track 1) Presentation
17 A Critical Evaluation of the Health Education Curriculum of a Rural Wisconsin School District: Process, Findings, Recommendations for Improvement, and Lessons Learned (Track 2) Presentation
18 Wisconsin Drug Trends (Track 3) Presentation