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Healthcare Certificates and Courses

Programs marked with a  are full certificate programs with the classes listed underneath. All classes, whether they are part of a certificate program or not, maybe taken as stand-alone courses.

Means the program is instructor-lead.  Means the program is student-directed. Learn the difference. 

Earn a healthcare certificate in one of the exciting medical fields of study! Boost your career potential by showing employers that you have the credentials they want.


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This program provides educational opportunities for those interested in working as a medical secretary in single or multi-physician practices or large healthcare and allied health organizations. In addition to administrative skills, medical secretary students receive specialized training in medical terminology, anatomy, medical transcription, medical billing, and word processing. A medical secretary is one of the fastest-growing occupations. Career opportunities are best for those with formal training in the use of computerized office equipment and software as well as excellent interpersonal communication skills. Job titles can vary; however, jobs are plentiful.

Course One: Effective Communication in the Workplace

This course gives an overview of verbal and nonverbal communication at work. You will learn about how communication works, how it can break down, and how you can improve the likelihood that you can be more effective in your interactions at work. A key aspect of this course is the use of interactive exercises that involve learning more about active listening and explaining yourself effectively at work.

Course Two: Introduction to the Administration of a Medical Office

The course is intended for individuals beginning in management or those aspiring to be in medical administration. It covers such administrative topics as practice analysis, staff assessment, and the new HIPAA regulations in a practical way. The information and resources utilized in this course are used for evaluation and basic training purposes. Designed with the “busy” professional in mind, the course also offers individualized assistance.

Course Three: Medical Terminology Training

Our Medical Terminology Home Training Program is designed for those who require a solid medical terminology background for health-related careers. It is the prerequisite program for our Coding Course and a useful adjunct to the Health Insurance Specialist Program. This program will cover the following essential elements of medical terminology:

  • English Spelling, Usage, Grammar & Style
  • Derivation of Medical Terminology
  • Medical Terminology Vocabulary Builder Anatomy & Physiology
  • Body Planes & Movements
  • Diagnostic Medicine: Laboratory Analyses, Terminology & Abbreviations
  • Radiology Terminology & Abbreviations
  • Medical Specialties and Specialists
  • Complete Anatomy with illustrations
  • Pharmacology, Drug list and cross-references from generic to name brand
  • Drugs by specialty, plus the 200 most prescribed drugs in the U.S.
  • Medical Abbreviations Devices and Instruments reference Medical Terminology Training

Additionally, students will evaluate more than 100 outpatient and inpatient reports for complete interactive analysis and interpretation.