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Project Management Certificate and Courses

Programs marked with a  are full certificate programs with the classes listed underneath. All classes, whether they are part of a certificate program or not, may be taken as stand-alone courses.

Means the program is instructor-lead.  Means the program is student-directed. Learn the difference.

Earn an online leadership certificate from UW Oshkosh! Enroll today, and boost your career potential.


$2995 for the certificate • View start dates and register online

The program is particularly well suited for anyone in human resources, human resource management, office administration, or anyone who is involved in the human resource process and function.

This certificate course offers comprehensive training in many important areas:

  • Develop and implement a successful selection system
  • Work with HR as a strategic partner
  • Developing a High Performance Organization
  • Prepare and manage a budget in an organization
  • Use financial statements to prepare and structure your budget
  • Develop a business best practice
  • Prepare for negotiations
  • Determine BATNA in negotiations
  • Implementing change in an organization
  • Identify leadership style
  • Effectively communicate in a persuasive argument
  • Evaluate real-life business issues
  • Develop an operational plan


$499 for 1 course and certificate • View start dates and register online

Project managers who have proven skills and experience can find exciting, high-visibility opportunities in a wide range of fields. This course is specifically designed to provide the proven, practical body of project management knowledge and skills students need to demonstrate project management mastery on the job. Additionally, this course can be a significant part of the preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam.

The skills and knowledge students gain from this course will help students avoid making costly mistakes and increase their competitive edge in the project management profession. The course uses the industry-standard PMBOK Guide as the basis for the coursework.

The course outline was built around the main concepts that project managers must master to be successful. Following the PMBOK, these lessons are also targeted to help students study for the PMP exam.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Project Management

Topic A: Components of Project Management
Topic B: Project Management and Business

Lesson 2: Project Management and the Organization

Topic A: Identify Organizational Influences
Topic B: Project Stakeholders and Governance
Topic C: The Project Team
Topic D: The Project Life Cycle

Lesson 3: Working with Project Management Processes

Topic A: Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas
Topic B: Identify Project Information

Lesson 4: Initiating a Project

Topic A: Develop a Project Charter
Topic B: Identify Project Stakeholders

Lesson 5: Planning a Project

Topic A: Develop a Project Management Plan
Topic B: Plan Scope Management
Topic C: Collect Project Requirements
Topic D: Define Project Scope
Topic E: Create a WBS

Lesson 6: Planning for Project Time Management

Topic A: Plan Schedule Management
Topic B: Define Project Activities
Topic C: Sequence Project Activities
Topic D: Estimate Activity Resources
Topic E: Estimate Activity Durations
Topic F: Develop a Project Schedule

Lesson 7: Planning Project Budget, Quality, and Communications

Topic A: Plan Project Cost Management
Topic B: Estimate Project Costs
Topic C: Determine the Project Budget
Topic D: Plan Quality Management
Topic E: Plan Human Resource Management
Topic F: Plan Communications Management

Lesson 8: Planning for Risk, Procurements, and Stakeholder Management

Topic A: Plan Risk Management
Topic B: Identify Risks
Topic C: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Topic D: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Topic E: Plan for Risk Response
Topic F: Plan Project Procurements
Topic G: Plan Stakeholder Management

Lesson 9: Executing a Project

Topic A: Direct and Manage Project Work
Topic B: Perform Quality Assurance
Topic C: Acquire Project Team
Topic D: Develop Project Team
Topic E: Manage a Project Team
Topic F: Manage Communications
Topic G: Conduct Procurements
Topic H: Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Lesson 10: Managing Project Work, Scope, Schedules, and Cost

Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Work
Topic B: Perform Integrated Change Control
Topic C: Validate Project Scope
Topic D: Control Project Scope
Topic E: Control the Project Schedule
Topic F: Control Project Costs

Lesson 11: Controlling the Project

Topic A: Control Project Quality
Topic B: Control Communications
Topic C: Control Project Risks
Topic D: Control Project Procurements
Topic E: Control Stakeholder Engagement

Lesson 12: Closing a Project

Topic A: Close Project or Phase
Topic B: Close Procurements