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K-12 Teacher Training Online Courses

Programs marked with a  are full certificate programs with the classes listed underneath. All classes, whether they are part of a certificate program or not, may be taken as stand-alone courses.

Means the program is instructor-lead.  Means the program is student-directed. Learn the difference.

Enroll in one of our online courses for K-12 teachers! Each course runs for one month. Focus on specific and hot topics in the classroom, and improve your ability to work with your students.


$495 for the certificate • View start dates and register online

For those new to teaching online, or those already teaching online. Get the best instruction from the foremost authorities in online learning. Thousands of people have taken this fundamental yet advanced training in teaching online.

From building an online course to improving an online course, from fostering online discussion to encouraging student interaction, from traditional assessment to online tests, the program will give you both the fundamentals of teaching online, as well as the most advanced tips and techniques in the business. Your instructors are authors, speakers and consultants in online learning and teaching.


$145 for one-month course • View start dates and register online

Discover why girls waste 30 percent of their study time, why boys get worse grades than girls, why boys do less homework than girls, and the five learning habits girls get in school that hurts them in the workplace.

Female students learn differently than male students. Discover these differences. Take away 10 top tips for helping girls and boys learn more, and the 5 tips to help girls and boys succeed more. Get information about classroom gender research not available anywhere else.


$145 for one-month course • View start dates and register online

Today, every school in America has students who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)—a neurological disorder on the autism spectrum. The effects of this disorder vary widely, but it is important for every teacher to understand how to recognize behaviors that may indicate ASD. In this course, you take away strategies for working effectively with ASD students. And you will find out how to work effectively with parents to create the most positive learning environments for children and teens with this disorder.

The course is geared for K-12 teachers, but it is also relevant for counselors, faculty in higher education, parents and anyone else interested in understanding this important issue.