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Examine Environmental Health & Engineering

From the food that we eat, to the air that we breath…

Someone has to make sure it’s safe. Explore how environmental health and engineering scientists protect our environment and public health.

Explore Environmental Health and Engineering (7th & 8th graders)

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Spend a day in the UW Oshkosh laboratory to learn about exciting topics in environmental health and engineering! With a hands-on learning strategy, students will learn about how environmental health professionals/engineers make sure that what we breathe, touch, eat and drink are safe.

Students will sample water and beach bacteria, examine air quality and pollution levels, and learn about viruses, bacteria and pest contamination.

Explore Environmental Health & Engineering: A Summer Academy

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Join UW Oshkosh for a four-day academy and delve deep into the exciting field of environmental health and engineering. Learn how you can protect people, the communities within which we live, and our delicate ecosystem. Students will participate in this hands-on academy, take field trips to area facilities that work in public health, and gain hands-on experience in the areas of:

  • Water quality testing
  • Food safety
  • Waste management
  • Beach safety monitoring
  • And much more!

With an approach that allows students to gain firsthand experience, this program will focus on the technology and skills that environmental health professionals and engineers use across all sectors of the industry. Students will use the state-of-the-art Environmental Research & Innovation Center (ERIC) at UW Oshkosh as their lab space. Students will also gain an understanding of the education and job options available in the environmental health and engineering fields. Students will meet with professionals in the field to discuss career planning, and UW Oshkosh advisors will discuss educational opportunities.

These programs are ideal for middle and high school students who demonstrate a passion for science, pubic health, leadership, and environmental issues.